Monday, May 23, 2016

Experimenting With New Lifestyle

Hi people,

It's been awhile. I've been thinking quite often these past few weeks especially when I look at my bloated figure everyday in the mirror. I think I've got to change my lifestyle.

First, I have to admit. It has been an on and off process. I had started and achieved quite an astounding result in November 2015 where I lose almost 9 kg in 3 weeks. But then, I gained the same amount of weight that I had lost because.. well.. temptation.

So, I want to begin again. I hope this will last till I achieve my goal. 48 kg. But, I'll aim for 56kg first. I weighed myself and I am 61kg. (yeah, I know.)

My first step is:
1. Download freeletic apps from google apps store.
2. Begin my first exercise.
3. Limit my carbs intake.

I have finished with:
10 x 25 x 10 of each exercise (repeat 3 times)

45 burpees

45 climbers

45 jumping

50 squats

25 jumping jacks

300 rope skipping

I am not going to lie. It was a hell! I was totally out of breath at my 10th climbers and my legs were shaking like a lady with Parkinson disease (no offence, but you get what I mean right?)

I'll try to document everyday... depending on the internet connection. See ya. May perseverance stay with me. Yosh!