Wednesday, December 18, 2013

I can't think of any suitable titles for this


That's all it took to feel the chemistry reacted between us
Texting like old buddies
Voice-calling like families
Sometimes, telepathise..
What a surprise for strangers


You proved yourself different from others that I had known
You came to my house with humbleness, politeness; whisking me and my parents off our feet
You let your parents to do the honour; while you were silent, with head laid low
Were you reflecting or dissolving your tense:P
What a new experience it was


I was not nervous, at first; sitting in front of the mirror while looking at all dolled up me
I knew I was about to be someone's fiancee at that time, but
I was still calm; my feeling was neutral until
I met eye to eye with your families
I was beyond nervous
I even kissed your niece's hand T_T
What a funny moment it was


You and I become we
From "out of no where" to "somewhere we are destined to be"
7 weeks before,  I had no clue I would be meeting someone like you
7 weeks before, I had no idea I would be someone's wife
These weeks and days have taught me that Allah is all knowing

So, I am not worry for the thing that will come in months to come, for Allah is a better planner

p/s: may we stay strong for the obstacles that may come