Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Assalamualaikum mortals,

havent heard from me quite a while, ey?
I am in malaysia now, doing..ummm....killing all the mosquitoes, byk betul.
woke up from a deep sleep and a funny dream. hehe..having my sahur now..

I dreamed about my former classmates in Wataniah..celebrating their birthday and suddenly one of the birthday girls transformed into Sofea..a friend of mine who recently.....MARRIED. At such a young age, she decided to end her single life. Congrats my dear. oh, in the dream, she was sulking because people didn't address her as Mrs. hahhaha...funny.

hmm...suddenly, so many people choose to end their single life. I am not yet ready or have the thought like seriously in my mind. But, hearing all these news, somehow, make me wanting to do the same. tapi mane boleh main ikut orang ye dak. if it is not yet the time, just continue your usual life until He says YES
Besides, I am still a "standard six girl". says who?? my FAMILY. huh. *pout*

However, to tell u the truth, I already picked out a date to end my single life. jom ketawa secara berjemaah. hahhaha:D it was 13 or 25 December 2013. The groom? tak ada lagi for now. it's ok. He'll come. Kalau x, maksudnye, bukan masanya lagi la kan. hehe

ok dah. ish. talking about this marriage stuff membuatkan saya rasa tension. let's drop the subject. *pop*