Sunday, November 11, 2012

Note to Me

why write if you have nothing to scribble?

why buy if you don't need it in your daily life?

why speak if your words doesn't do any good?

why listen if you know it's a bad thing?

simple conclusion: we like to do the opposite. face it or make a change?

Friday, October 26, 2012


Assalamualaikum earthlings,

Happy Eidul Hajj! Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah
It's finally friday again. How we all love friday more than monday (or sunday) ay?

Friday is the best day of the week
to cut your nails
to make dua in between the khutbah and Friday prayer

Friday is the starting of rest week
time to relax
strolling in the city centres
cuddling in your duvet
or even diggin' in while watching movies

Whichever images we view Friday, we must remember that

"then did you think that We created you uselessly and that to Us you would not be returned?" (Al-mu'minun: 115)

Myself, often forgot and sometimes strays from the path that Allah has shown us.

Perhaps, this picture can serve as a gentle reminder to us, workers, students, housewives, husbands and all fellow human.

credit to whoever the artist is

p/s: let's not forget that each days/weeks/months and years, more and more of us remiss in our duty as His creations. Perhaps Surah Al Anbiya':1 will help you regain your utmost devotion to Allah. 

"The time of account  has drawn near, yet  they heed not and they turn away" 

Yes, so many of us are negligent. So do I. Hopefully each words and sentence that Zack writes or says today will stay.

For now "ADIEU"

Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Assalamualaikum amazing people :D

Winter is approaching. So, please expect nothing more than food food food. gawdddd.. like in the previous winter, my appetite is crazy. I lay my hand on almost every single food that I see. So not good. Anyway, let's skip the pathetic part and let me present to u the most beautiful thing for today..... *drum rolls*


I cant name it Cornish Pasty coz I'm not Cornish people. hehe. JK
Vege filling

I baked it upon request by my housemate, Nur Najihah. Jejiah, hope u enjoyed it:) 
So, let's get started. I hope u are as excited as me.:)

The crust:
2 cups of flour
2/3 cup chilled butter
1/2 cup cold water
1/2 teaspoon of salt

1. Cut the chilled butter into cube or whatever small shapes that u prefer.
2. Add the salt into the flour. then, mix the butter with it.
3. Mix them well until it becomes coarse crumbs
4. Add in the water little by little while kneading the dough. Shape the dough into round shape. Divide into two.
5. Give a sweep of olive oil onto the surface and keep it in the refrigerator for an hour or so

The filling:
I didn't really follow the recipe for the filling coz I used whatever I have in the kitchen at the moment.

Large onion
1 clove of garlic
Chillies (if you want to give it spicy taste)
-for these three, I used the leftover onions' mixture that used to cook lunch-
Olive or vegetable or any cooking oil
A carrot (diced)
A medium potato (diced)
1 medium large brocolli flower head (sliced into thin pieces)
2 mushrooms (sliced into thin pieces)

1. heat the pan and pour in an adequate amount of oil 
2. fry the onion+garlic+chillies till it is half-cooked
3. throw in the potatoes and let it be till half-cooked
4. Put in the remaining vegetable (just to saute them)
5. Give it a taste with a pinch of salt and some pepper.
6. Let it cool while we prepare the crust

1. Preheat the oven to 170 degree celcius
2. Roll the dough into 0.2 cm thick. no need to be a perfect round coz we are going to shape it into pasty later on.
3. Mix the filling that we cooked with a table spoon of double cream or soft cream cheese to give it a little bit of moist as a medium to further cook the vege as we bake it in the oven.
4. Place the filling at the center of the rolled dough. You can also add chedar cheese if you want. Fold it over and pinch & knit the edges of the dough to seal it. No need to be perfect.
5. Brush some milk or beaten egg to moisten the surface and to add some colour to it when it is cooked.
6. Poke little holes on the surface to let the steam out while it cooks
7. Bake in the oven for about 1 hour or until it is fully cooked.

Enjoy ur freshly baked pasty:)

*update: ouh! ouh! almost forgot. I sprinkled some mixed herbs on the pasty before it went into the oven:)

Tuesday, October 2, 2012



Feel sorry to this blog. No inspiration is one thing, lazy is another thing that I couldn't avoid. Not that lazy as in LAZY, but lazy coz there were lots of things happened in my life lately and it caused laziness.

Does that make sense?

owwwwkay, probably not :P

A misunderstanding happened today and it led to MORE misunderstandings. I was okay at first, but u know..lots of thinking changed thing from OK to NOT OK. :D

But today, it made me appreciate one thing. The friendship that I share with Farah Wahidah. Unlike other friends, Farah and I are truthful to one another (at least I know I did. :p). When we were housemates back then, I always went to her room or in the  kitchen and had a chat with her. I'd ask about her opinion of me. My weaknesses or anything that I did which hurt her. Then, she would tell me in the most gentle way and did not hurt me at all, other than appreciating her frankness, because it helps me to know myself and improve to the better.

Then, I'd tell hers. We did not only talk about our imperfections but also strengths. Of course, hearing compliments from her makes me appreciate myself even more and allow me to explore my strengths.
I think, she's the only person that I am totally totally totally able to be truly truly frank with coz she takes it positively and so do I. ummm I think, probably coz we can feel each other's sincerity? It's not that we were trying to fail one another...nahhhhh... (errr..right farah?:D)

"orang yang menunjukkan kebaikan kepada anda adalah sahabat yang baik. Dan orang yang menunjukkan kesalahan anda adalah sahabat yang paling baik"

I want you to know, I loved u even more when we did pillow talk back then. 

Rather than talking behind your back, I choose to tell you coz I know it hurts if you heard the same thing but from other people. 

hope u enjoyed the chocolate cake!
love u mate!^^

Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Assalamualaikum mortals,

havent heard from me quite a while, ey?
I am in malaysia now, doing..ummm....killing all the mosquitoes, byk betul.
woke up from a deep sleep and a funny dream. hehe..having my sahur now..

I dreamed about my former classmates in Wataniah..celebrating their birthday and suddenly one of the birthday girls transformed into Sofea..a friend of mine who recently.....MARRIED. At such a young age, she decided to end her single life. Congrats my dear. oh, in the dream, she was sulking because people didn't address her as Mrs. hahhaha...funny.

hmm...suddenly, so many people choose to end their single life. I am not yet ready or have the thought like seriously in my mind. But, hearing all these news, somehow, make me wanting to do the same. tapi mane boleh main ikut orang ye dak. if it is not yet the time, just continue your usual life until He says YES
Besides, I am still a "standard six girl". says who?? my FAMILY. huh. *pout*

However, to tell u the truth, I already picked out a date to end my single life. jom ketawa secara berjemaah. hahhaha:D it was 13 or 25 December 2013. The groom? tak ada lagi for now. it's ok. He'll come. Kalau x, maksudnye, bukan masanya lagi la kan. hehe

ok dah. ish. talking about this marriage stuff membuatkan saya rasa tension. let's drop the subject. *pop*

Friday, June 8, 2012



Haizza pipel...
long time no write. I just finish send my assignment. wohoooo. merdeka for year 2. but i am sad coz i think i not do best for this assignment. but no what lah. what done is done. (sekeh kepala dok direct translate)

Wow mortals. the end of second year. can u believe that? (dugh..of course i can. which world do u think i'm living in?). heeee

But summer is coming. miss my family. oh. I want to make a shout out to Surrey girl who happens to know me (kak Auni told me yesterday). Thanks ye. tweet tweet or fb fb ea pasni. hehe..

ok.that's it for now. I'll blog later :)   take care.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Plain Doughnut


Hi mortals, heee..after a long hiatus, here I am again. Bugging you, my lil diary. Hey, I fried doughnut today! It was my first attempt and alhamdulillah, that toroidal shape cake turned out beautifully and the taste was just perfect.

I made two types; baked and fried doughnut. But I like the fried one better because it is softer than the baked one. 

Here are the ingredients

2 cups of bread flour
1 tablespoon of margarine/butter
1 tablespoon of sugar
1 teaspoon of salt
2 teaspoon of dried yeast + 3/4 cup of warm water

1. Mix the bread flour, salt, sugar and margarine.
2. Add the yeast mixture and combine together to turn it into a dough.
3. Let the dough rest for about 3 hours
4. When it is ready, take a small amount from the dough and shape it into a round. Press the round dough and make a hole in the middle of it (you can use a bottle cap to make the hole)
5. Fry it and top it with sugar, chocolate or even jam^^. serve with tea or coffee. Perfect

p/s: If only I knew it is this easy to make doughnut, I would have done it a long time ago:P

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Spain Trip: Ola Espana!

Assalamualaikum *taking a deep breath*

Out of oxygen! Writing an assignment consumes a lot of energy and it is an English assignment. Not only it is English but so much shakespeare as well! Dang~~ why did I choose this subject. T.T (eh eh, tp saya suka literature dari subject subject lain. cuma time menulis je tak suka:p)

Ok ok, back to the title a.k.a topic. Spain (or Espana), people!!! Have you dreamed of visiting Spain? Hehe, I do and alhamdulillah. Our trip was from 3rd till 8th of April 2012 and, mind you, it was an independent trip a.k.a backpacking travel. Where's the challenge if you went there by agency, ain't? eh eh.. not that it is not good to choose agency travel. Personal choice, yea.

We had to take a flight at Luton Airport and you can imagine the journey from Plymouth to London by taking a bus from Kelantan to the end of Pahang, perhaps (5 hours or so). Our flight was scheduled at 6.40 am (SO EARLYYYY) and yeah, overnight at the airport-heee- (save a lot of money, people)

Don't ask about shower. It is a sensitive question for backpacker. kekekeke. The truth- I only use baby wipe to clean my body. happy? werk.:p

The flight (Easyjet) was delayed for about an hour and 15 mins. I slept like nobody's business, in the flight.
So, we departed at 7.50 (ish) am. 

SubhanAllah. appear soft as cotton.

At 11.40 am (local time), Ola Espana! or specifically Madrid! (Madrid Barajas International Airport). Oh, didn't have the picture of the airport. But, overall, general satisfactory. Next entry: Madrid!

Tips for backpacking travel:
1) Always make an early plan. (we planned ours about 3 months earlier)
2) Not necessary but advisable, make a trip schedule like this one.
I made a simple one. As a guide, in case of panic, blur etc.

3) If you plann to sleep at any point of the journey, make an early booking.
4) Bring sufficient amount of money and also debit card (in case of emergency)
5) Prepare some foods such as biscuit, instant noodles (maggi) and also water (in case you cannot find any halal restaurant)
6) The first thing to do before you are out of the airport, find a MAP and ask for information from the Info Counter.
7) Pray to Allah before you start your journey.

Hope this will help for your trip:)

Friday, February 10, 2012

High School Memory


I was totally lost today. It seemed as if my world was shut off and I was left, blank. Then, I saw my best friend in the fb online list. So, I greeted her and then, I called her.

We recalled the memory we had together in Wataniah. It was funny coz I didn't remember most of the stories and she had to give me one hint after another to make me remember. Of course, she has an advantage cz she has my DIARY.

One of the sweetest memories was this

It was a hand-made card that I made for her and Fatimah. We had an issue back then. A friendship issue. So, I gave her a card of apology. Oops, sorry. cant tell u what's in there. hehe. friends' stuff.:P

I also remember we had this secret communication medium (which is not  a secret anymore cz I have revealed it here! LOL).

Funny! It was written as BM Rumusan but the note was not an educational note. We were "chatting"! Sadly, I forgot the actual subject for most of the secret codes. tsk. believe it or not, if you read all the cryptic writings, you won't have an idea of what we were talking about.haha

All the paper strips, card and photos- I keep it in this hand-made envelope:

Sammi cheng was sort of my nick name cz I adore Sammi Cheng.

When I told her that I have these here with me in UK, she was shocked. 

Imah: "you brought all that with you? To UK?"
Me: "Yeah.. why?"
Imah: "Why did you bring that with you?"
Me: "Nothing. Just as memory."

You know what, having these conversation with her makes me realise one more thing about myself.

I am such a sentimental type of person. And I only know that now.tsk. haha


p/s: keeping a diary is a good habit, you know.

To All Beautiful Ladies Out There

tak jumpa plak music video suka part lirik

"Maka tak perlu sedu sedan itu
Jangan sampai kau rendahkan dirimu"

Friday, February 3, 2012

Perkahwinan itu Penyatuan


Alhamdulillah, tak sangka dah dpt kakak ipar. Mungkin kemeriahan tak dapat dirasa sangat kerana jauh dari keluarga dan hal hal lain. tapi insyaAllah, akan cuba dikejar masa yang hilang untuk mengenali ahli keluarga yang baru ini.

Bagi ku, perkahwinan itu suatu penyatuan. Penyatuan antara dua manusia dan dua keluarga. harapnya akan terjadi penyatuan yang kukuh antara keluarga Syed Khanz dan keluarga kakak ipar, Suhada

Satu pengajaran yang bernilai dpt kuambil adalah:

Jangan cepat menghukum andai hanya mendapat maklumat dari satu sumber.
Jangan biarkan perasaan menguasai pemikiran apabila ingin membuat penilaian.

Sekian.:) Barakallahu lakuma wa barakah.

Nik Muhamad Shairi dan Suhada 
semoga bahagia ke anak cucu

p/s: abgku dulu hensem mcm won bin. tp sjak sjak balik Jepun ni. adoi..makin ke depan perutnya. huhu

yang ni bukan pengantin baru. tapi nak dibaharukan. :D

Saripah Syed Yusoff dan Azman Mohamed
Semoga bahagia ke cucu cicit

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Pemimpin AJK Makanan itu


lawak pun ada tajuk blog kali ni. Saja tak nak guna perkataan ketua, bunyi macam diktator sangat. Pemimpin bunyi dia lebih give and take sikit.:)

Alhamdulillah (serius syukur), program kursus kahwin dah tamat. Pasal sijil tolak ketepi, tapi pengalaman dan ilmu tu yang aku (xpe kan guna aku kali ni?) rasa sangat lah berharga utk diri ini. Pengalaman disebut dahulu kerana itu yang aku cari dalam program ini iaitu pengalaman memimpin sebuah team memasak yang hebat. Ilmu tentang alam perkahwinan tu, insyaAllah, 2/4 dah byk diperolehi semasa bersekolah di SMKA Wataniah. (terima kasih Ummi, Baba dan Abuya)

 Perasaan, pendapat, kekuatan, improvement

Aku tak tahu pendapat orang lain tentang aku sepanjang program tu, tapi dengan setulusnya aku katakan aku tak rasa tertekan negatif pun semasa lead team kecuali ade certain time apabila beberapa faktor memberi kesan kepada team memasak dan aku kesian dgn orang yang bekerja bersama aku terkesan sama.  selain dari itu, kalau aku kata tertekan, itu sebenarnya tekanan motivasi yang push aku untuk penuhi amanah dan aku sangat bahagia kerana aku suka memasak dan mencuci dan membersih.

Pada mulanya dan di pertengahan usaha memasak, aku agak takut takut.

1. Apabila order bahan, aku takut terguna duit yang diberikan lebih dari yang sepatutnya.
2. Di pertengahannya, aku takut kalau masakan yang team aku masak buat anak orang sakit.

Sangat bahagia juga apabila kawan kawan yang bekerja di bwh kepimpinan aku kali ni sangat lah baik dan ikhlas (insyaAllah). Harapnya tak ada seorang pun yang rasa dia tak menyumbang apa apa sepanjang usaha itu. Jgn rasa sebab korang bukan orang yang berjaga pukul 3 pagi untuk masak, korang tak menyumbang tapi sebenarnya usaha korang yang sedia bahan malam tu yang membolehkan semuanya berjalan lancar.

Penat? Penat memang penat. sebab tu tadi "pengsan" dari maghrib sampai la pukul 2.30 pagi tadi baru terbangun. :p tapi perasaan bahagia mendahului penat dengan 80 % bahagia 20 % penat.  Jadi harap terjawab persoalan kalau ada yang bertanya "nik, tak penat ke lepas keje..." ok, stop kat sini. Refleksi recalling ni ye, zack.

Jangan ada pun yang rasa dia tak menyumbang apa apa, ok? :)

Aku rasa semua orang perempuan dan lelaki patut rasa pengalaman jadi AJK makanan kerana pengalaman ini dapat bantu korang apabila korang nak buat majlis kecil kecilan sendiri nanti. Sepanjang penyediaan makanan tu, aku keep on terfikir yang pengalaman ini akan bagi manfaat apabila keluarga aku tak kira family sendiri, family bakal suami, family aku dan bakal suami nak buat majlis sendiri nanti eg, jemputan makan leisure, majlis ilmu di rumah ke, kesyukuran ke. betul x? lagi sampai perasaan kasih dan ukhuwah kalau masak sendiri. setuju ke tak setuju??

kekuatan kali sememangnya terletak pada pasukan. No more comment. Kalau ada rakaman yang dapat ulang tayang, korang akan faham apa yang aku cakap. (nak nangis je bila ingat balik. terharu). "ayein, aku bersyukur Allah adakan korang semua bersama aku. Hilang semua prasaan bimbang awal awal aritu" itulah luahan aku kepada Pengarah Program Kursus Kahwin, Plymouth.

Aku rasa semua ok sebab bagi orang yang first time (aku) lead team memasak, aku sentiasa inginkan team memasak macam ni.

Overall, aku rasa nak berdiri di Eye of Plymouth and cakap "korang, aku sayang korang! terima kasih banyak banyak." Nangis laju laju sambil taip. Wuwuwuwuwuuwwu T.T :) bahagia bahagia bahagia bahagia bahagia, infinity bahagia.



Thank you Allah. You gave me such a wonderful group of friends:)

p/s: ok, amanah persatuan dah setel, ayuh la membaca amanah pelajar untuk esok:)

Monday, January 16, 2012

Vegetarian pizza


Aigoo. Serius rasa bsalah post gmbr dlm facebook. Lainkali nak boh dlm blog je la. Xde org sgt y tgk. Serius tak terfikir psal hak jiran. Aigooo.. Tsk. Maafkn saya

Thls was baked as a compensation for my sister

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Running Man 3: Sheffield

"Hah....hah...hah....arghhhhhh......" aku menghela nafas berat. Penat koooootttt. Azwanida di sebelah 14 kali ganda lagi termengah dari aku. Pandangan kami bertemu dan senyuman terukir.

"Haahahahhahahaaa.....!!" bagaikan pesakit multiple personality disorder kami ketawa dan ketawa memikirkan kejadian lari lari di tengah bandar Sheffield. Saat ini aku terfikirkan, andai kata perkara sama terjadi pada aku tetapi bersama orang lain, mungkin suasana tidak selucu ini, malah akan menjadi sangat tegang. Aku tersenym di dalam hati. That's why family is the most blissful knot.

London St. Pancras               19.27 PM                         Platform 5

Itu dia. Secebis informasi yang menamatkan segala macam perasaan berdebar, takut dan bimbang. Kami terus menapak ke Platform 5 dengan ketawa yang semakin galak mencuit pankreas dan ulu hati. Andai kata kami sedang berlakon untuk variety show Running Man, tentu akan ada caption yang sedang komen tentang situasi kami sekarang. haahahhaha!:D

The End?

Oh tidaaaaakk. Naik sahaja train East Midland Train yang akan ke London St. Pancras, kami masuk ke gerabak first class kerana tiada reservation seat untuk booking megatrain. Tak pe ke duduk di gerabak first class? (boleh tak kasi can!?). Seminit dua menghenyakkan punggung di kerusi empuk first class, seorang kawan seuniversiti Azwanida datang menegur dan duduk bersama kami. Namun, tidak lama selepas itu, conductor train datang dan memeriksa tiket, malangnya kawan Azwanida terpaksa berpindah gerabak kerana tiketnya hanyalah Standard Ticket. Manakala aku dan azwanida kekal di situ.

"What would like, Miss? Coffee? Tea?" dayyummm~~ serius rasa macam puteri. Kalau tak pun, the heiress of  Hilton. Oh, bestnye kerana ini bukan dalam mimpi.

Aku memandang azwanida dengan pandangan 'tak pe ke ni? kita bukan first class passenger' -message sent

Azwanida dengan mata terjegilnya 'ala, ambik je la. dia dah offer tu.' -message replied-

"No than......" "Coffee please" serentak kami menjawab.

Aku memandang dengan pandangan membunuh 'Do you realise what you are doing? We might be penalized or to the least embarrassed.'

Dia hanya membalas dengan senyuman kambingnya. And I was like -.- 'i hope so. LOL'

"With milk? or just sugar?" waiter itu bertanya, masih dengan imej butler-nya.

"Milk please," Dang! azwanida masih dengan imej konfiden princess nya.

Aku hanya memandang sepi. Waiter itu menuang coffee ke dalam cawan yang suci bersih murni lagi putih itu.

Namun, sebelum susu dituang......

"Excuse me, but may I see your ticket again? Just a matter of procedure."

Kertas booking beralih tangan.

'That's it.' cair sudah the mask of a princess yang baru nak infuse ke muka.

"I am sorry but this belongs to standard seat. I am afraid you need to move to another carriage." T.T

Sesungguhnya dia tak bagi pun coffee yang dah dituang tadi. kedekut sey. hahaha

Yang ini baru the end.

What a day.

p/s: alhamdulillah, kami selamat sampai ke Plymouth pada pukul 5.20 pagi, 14 Januari 2012. 

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Running Man 2 : Sheffield

"You bia betol, Zack. You beli train ko bas ni?" kening azwanida sudah mula berkerut dengan muka kelat.

Tangan aku masih kemas memegang kertas booking. Mata ligat mencari sebarang informasi yang menyatakan samada ia bas atau train. Tapi hampa.

"I mana la tahu. I tak pernah naik lagi Megabus. Ni first time I naik." luahku kesal. Nervous system mula menjalankan peranan. Hatiku berdebar seperti orang yang bakal dinikahkan, bulu roma mula mencacak tegak seakan akan cas negatif bertemu positif dan pundi kencing terus galak ingin menyeksa sanubari. Nak pengsan. Nak pengsan.

Kertas bertukar tangan. Azwanida mengamati cetakan di situ dengan muka professornya. Sangat bersesuaian dengan status Master Graduate yang baru dianugerahkan tengahari tadi. Akhirnya, the serious and not childish side of her digunakan. Jika tidak, aku lah kakak dan dia lah adik. Umpama ayam beranak, lembu bertelur. ok tiada kaitan. Mari teruskan

"Ni Megatrain kot. Sebab London St. Pancras nih." jari diletak di bibir tanda serius berfikir. Aku menjengah semula ke kertas cuba membantu. Lega sedikit dengan informasi yang diberitahu. Pundi kencing juga mengalah dan tidak lagi memaksa.

"Yeke? Ye la kot sebab dia tulis train station. Pahtu gano ni? Tram ni lalu ke tak kat University Station?" soalku, tidak berpengalaman.

"Lalu...." jawapan yakin dari azwanida sambil memerhati jadual tram "Eh! tok lalu! Ni line kuning. Sudohhhh"

Dup dap dup dap! Jantung dipam laju laju. Otak sudah tak mampu berfikir, blank. Oksigen Oksigen! I need oxygen!

"Doh, ni mano ni? alamak. dah 6.50 petang! Gano ni kak???" cemas cemas. Saat ini aku terfikir, apakah ada kamera tersembunyi? Apakah aku di dalam rancangan variety show seperti Running Man? Oh no! Aku belum bersedia. Aku belum bersedia untuk semua ini. Tidak bersedia untuk handle perasaan famous seperti Kwangsoo yang terlebih eksaited dan jakun apabila tahu dia juga ada peminat di Thailand.

Azwanida mengamati jadual tram dan mula terkumat kamit. Namun tidak jelas mantera apakah yang dibaca.

"Loni kito dok mano ni?" matanya liar mencari papan tanda hentian tram. Aku seperti biasa cuba untuk kelihatan membantu.

"Castle Square!" jeritku.

"Oh, nasib baik. Kita kena berhenti kat Fitzalan Square. hoh, next station ni la" Fuh! cemas! cemas! detik yang cemas!

'Fitzalan square. Next stop by request....'

Kami tidak membuang masa menunggu pengumuman yang tidak perlu  lagi tidak membantu. Dengan ketekadan dan semengat cekal,  langkah dihayun seluas mungkin berlari mencari jalan ke stesen keretapi. Azwanida yang berjubah dengan bekal makanan di tangan kanan, beg alumni sheffield di tangan kiri serta beg galas di belakang , aku pula cekal memikul beg galas, beg kamera disilang ke badan dan kemas memegang kertas booking-titik episod cemas ini dicetuskan.

Hiyah hiyah hiyah!!! lari lari dan lari walaupun jalan kelihatan seperti tidak familiar. Azwanida sendiri ingat ingat lupa dengan selok belok Sheffield. Dayyummm~ memang Stairways to Heaven kalau terlepas masa untuk balik ke Plymouth. Epik, dengan badanku yang gatal tak hengat sebab dah seharian tak mandi. STRESS! hatiku memetik tagline Gary semasa episod bersama SNSD dalam siri Running Man. Maaf, sememangnya siri itu terasa sangat dekat di hatiku apabila mengalami situasi seperti ini.

Sesekali aku berpaling ke belakang meninjau kelibat azwanida. Kelihatan dia berlari seperti penguin dengan tangan didepa menyandang segala jenis barang dan berjubah lengkap melangkah dengan yakin tanpa hiraukan pandangan orang sekeliling. Azwanida sudah mula mengah dengan staminanya yang tidak seberapa. Tambah pula kami baru sahaja selepas makan. Makanan seakan akan digoncang goncang seperti proses pembuatan milkshake. bercampur semuanya Pasta Chicken Alfredo, chips dan grilled steak tadi. Sungguh tidak enak.

"" azwanida memanggilku dengan nada seperti ayam yang disembelih dan di hujung nyawa. "you pegi dulu. aaaaaahh..penat."

Oh no. sekarang dah pukul 7.05 petang. Patut ke aku lari. Patut ke? Tapi Azwanida.....??? Train station???

Lagi 22 minit!


Friday, January 13, 2012

Running Man:Sheffield

Resah resah.haish! Resah hati aku bila tengok waktu di telefon. 6.02 petang. Mana makanan y dipesan tadi??? Dah setengah jam kot. Terlepas bas jugak karang ni. Dalam hati aku rancak mengira minit minit yang kemungkinan diperlukan untuk ke stesen bas Sheffield Meadowhall Interchange. Lagi satu jam. Ah! InsyaAllah. InsyaAllah sempat. Aku cuba yakinkan hati, walaupun dalam otak sudah mula fikirkan plan B andai tertinggal bas. Itulah aku. Selalu fikir terlalu awal perkara yang lambat lagi untuk berlaku.
Tik tok tik tok...........

Beberapa kali juga aku memberi pandangan kepada waiter yang ke sana ke mari tapi tak tahu apa yang dia kerjakan dengan harapan dia mendapat mesej maut cik-mana makanan-yang-kami-pesan. Namun, hampa. kemungkinan keturunan,warna kulit dan bangsa menjadikan bahasa kami berbeza lantas tiada two way communication terjadi! Dang, apasal time ni aku boleh nak fikir pasal classroom management.tsk!!

45 minit untuk 'serve' 3 pelanggan. Servis apakah ini. Air dalam jug pun dah hampir kosong. Sangat hilang mood nak makan. Aku tenung je Pasta Chicken Alfredo di depan mata. Nama gempak tapi rupa seperti pasta yang digaul dgn mayonis dan ditabur rerumput hijau. Tsskkk!

"Eh, Zack, bakpo laen jah pasta you ni berbanding dengan yang kita makan aritu?" tanye azwanida, kakak ku, menjengah ke pingganku lalu mencuri sebatang dua pasta putih cair itu.

"Entah. Agaknya dia dh tukar chef. Waiter pun orang lain. Nama dishes pun lain. Eh, kita kena cepat makan ni. Ada lagi 45 minit nak pukul 7" aku mengingatkan azwanida dan kawannya sekaligus cuba menutup perasaan tidak puas hati yang bersarang dek servis thumbs down.

Tapi kalau dah namanya perempuan, memang tak kan cepat mana la makannya. Tambah tambah mula masing masing rancak memuji kecantikan make up dan senyuman menawan dan gambar graduation dan lain lain lagi. Aku hanya mampu tersenyum mendengar perbualan wanita wanita di ambang perkahwinan ini.

Selesai saja makan, kami bertiga cepat cepat menanti tram ke University Station dan Meadowhall. Alahai, tak sama tram pulak. Terpaksalah kak Ummi ke train station sorang sorang dan kami berdua perlu berkejar ke stesen bas. 3 minit selepas itu tram Halfway sampai dan kak Ummi board tram tersebut. Manakala aku dan azwanida terus menunggu tram ke Meadowhall.

"eh... Sempat ke kita ni kak." ucapku bimbang. Lagi 40 minit. Angka yang kelihatan seperti panjang tapi sebenarnya akan hilang tanpa disedari. Itulah masa.

"Sempat sempat. Hoh! Tu tram. Hok gi mano tu? I tok napok" Matanya dikecilkan  walaupun dia tahu itu tidak membantu pun.

"a'ah! Alhamdulillahhh..." terasa suku lega perasaan aku. Button open ditekan.

"Two singles to meadowhall please..." dayyuuummm! Cakap omputih sangat heaven tp accent ke laut. Haha. Tiket dibayar dan tram terus meluncur laju. Alhamdulillah. Oh. Baik pegang kertas booking siap siap.

"Sheffield Meadowhall, pukul 7.30 kan?" tanya azwanida sejurus selepas melihat aku memegang kertas booking. Aku hanya mengangguk dengan mata masih di kertas.

Depart Sheffield Train Station at 7.27PM, arrived at London St. Pancras Station at 9.43 PM.
'Oh, St. Pancras rupanya, mati mati aku ingat Victoria Coach Station,' detik hatiku yang sudah kecil sejak sejak diet ni.

"eh apsal sini dia tulis Sheffield Train Station."
"hah?????" terpacul dari mulut azwanida separuh menjerit.

Oh man! Reaksi azwanida sangat tak enak. Adakah Sheffield Meadowhall Interchange memang dikenali dengan nama lain atau aku tersilap tengok tempat departure?? Tolonglah ada nama lain!!


Monday, January 9, 2012

Recipe: Cheesy Salami Pizza


here's the recipe for the cheesy salami pizza. you can bake a tray of pizza with this recipe

1 1/2 cups of bread flour
1 teaspoon of active yeast (mix with a cup of warm water)
1 table spoon of olive oil
1/2 teaspoon of salt
1/2 teaspoon of sugar

1. mix all the ingredients well (like so) and cover it with a damp cloth for a few hours (3 or 4 hours or even overnight)

2. then, take a tray, sprinkle some flour and mould it evenly into the tray.

for the topping:
1. spread the mayonese, then the tomato puree (i used tomato sauce and also chilli sauce), some carrots (of course, cut it first), onions, salami and tomato.-----------you also can add capsicum and other suitable ingredients
2. Top with grated cheese to complete the CHEESY! :)

give it a shot. it is easy!

cheesy salami pizza

my sister craved for pizza.last night, she's been asking me to make one for sahur. but i promised her one for berbuka. so, here it is.


before it was baked in the oven

oh yeah, the recipe is HERE.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

puding ROti Wholegrain

assalamualaikum. just wanted to share pictures of puding roti that i made a few days ago.
the colour was brown because of the bread not that it is burnt