Monday, October 31, 2011

Manusia Yang Bersifat Nasia

Assalamualaikum mortals,

How's your morning (malaysians)? I have started my morning pretty good when I woke up at 5.32 am for subuh jemaah prayer with Ada. Alhamdulillah. This is not a long preach entry. A quick reflection.

 I planned to wear my usual blouse. (Sadly) Since I have to work this morning, I need to wear my work T shirt, just to show professionalism. Sadly,  the t shirt given to me is too small for my size though I've lose weight. It's a "S".

Usually, if I have work, I will wear jeans (since I don't have slack anymore)-to be comfortable moving around. I already had the jeans on me when suddenly I looked at the mirror and the reflection disappointed me. So, I changed to skirt which pretty impractical for an active day.

The same discussion I had with Kak Wani on the bus yesterday. About clothing and our personality. So, girls, check yourself before step out of your house. If the t shirt is a bit tight, wear long lose skirt and sweater. If the trousers are tight, wear a long lose blouse/shirt or t shirt and sweater. Sometimes, we forget or we don't notice. Thanks for reading!

sorry, halalkan ea gambar

So, I will look like this if I wear jeans today. (even though I wear sweater to cover)

Instead of trousers or jeans, I wear skirt today and sweater:)

Sorry, I am not practising vanity here. :) So, Pass?? Can I go out now?:)

Friday, October 28, 2011

Recipe: Ayam Kukus


kembalinya kita di dalam rancangannnnnn "Jom sihat" (tiba tiba tukar nama) :p

Okay, sorry la.tak boleh tidur. nak buat macam mana. Nak tulis kejadian menarik macam tak ada je. hehe
Okay, nak berkongsi resepi sikit utk orang yang mungkin nak kurangkan makanan bertumis dan berminyak. Mungkin ada yang dah bosan dengan tom yam, sup ayam sayur, sup sayur. Yang ni pun boleh dikira sup jugak, tapi tak de la sup mana pun:P


Kalau ikut hati nak je glemerkan nama resepi ni jadi AYAM BERENDAM LEPPLIO!:p

Okay, okay, back to business.

curi kat blog sape tah.lupa.
yang ni dia guna pengukus sebab tu tak de kuah. kalau yang nak diceritakan ni tak guna pengukus. guna periuk je. 

senang aje.
Ayam (suka hati)
Air (bergantung pada ayam suka hati)
Halia sebesar ibu jari mungkin (dipotong halus memanjang)
Cili (merah dan hijau atau either or)
Bawang putih (dipotong halus memanjang)
Serai (diketuk)
Garam dah gula secukup rasa

1. Masukkan semua bahan bahan mengikut turutan di atas. Sebelum ditutup dengan tudung periuk, basahkan ayam dengan kuah di dalam kuali itu. Tutup periuk atau kuali anda sehingga ia masak. siap! (pastikan kuantiti air menutupi ayam)

heee~ada banyak cara sebenarnya nak buat. ada yang ada kuah, ada yang tak de kuah. yang ini kita panggil resepi malas. sekiannn

A Piece of Advice: Dieters

Assalamualaikum (kuang ajo syamimi, reading 30 minit je pastu melagha.hehe)

Okay, okay, let's practice writing then *boo! alasan* :P
Remember this ENTRY?
The plan is on (although it is in a small group.hehe)!

So, this is a sharing to my lovely contestants and also dieters. It isn't from a professional but it is from my experience and a bit of research. To layout the tips, I'll share some of the frequent questions from dieters of different diet plans:

1. If I am on diet, I can't eat my favourite meal. Right? What a torture.
For other diet plans, I am sure it will affect. Depends on the types of your favourite foods. Greasy? Oily? Fatty? You can take your  oily, greasy plus unhealthy favourite foods but in a small portion. However, there is no guarantee that your body will shape (other diet plans).

For Herbalife diet plan, (yes, you can eat your favourite food) you will lose weight and shape your body. The key word here is "IN A DECENT AMOUNT".

For example, I can still eat my kue tiaw goreng (my favourite) for lunch/dinner. The portion will be a bowl of it ONLY. Tips: put in a lot of vegetables with it.

NOTE: One medium/small bowl of mee goreng is 300++ calorie. A plate of it is around 600 ++

2. It means, I can't take fast food too?? Pizza, Fried Chicken?? Urgh!! 
Again, yes you can. But it is best to avoid. Because these type of foods will only satisfy your feeling and not your hunger. Personally, rather than eating a small portion high calorie food, I'd go for a nutritious meal. Why do you want to waste your calorie intake just for a small greasy food that doesn't benefit you much?

3. Drinking 4 litres of water makes the toilet my second bedroom. I can't stand it.
That happens due to the toxic in our body. However, after some times, it will slow down.

P/S: It's plain water we are talking here. Not hot chocolate, coffee, pepsi, coca cola and tea

4. I love chocolate, tit bits. Can't live without it. 
Most people like to take tit bits, chocolate, snacks, cakes and all the small size but high calorie foods in between the main meals. They look small but have super duper high calories. A small Walker tit bits is 300 ++ calorie (equivalent to a bowl of mee sup). My contestants asked me the same questions over and over again. The only answer that I can give is:

"Yes, you may take the chocolate, snacks tit bits but in a small portion and infrequent (once a week?)"


Because, those foods contain high amounts of salt and sugar. Too much salt and sugar is not good for dieters. Drinking a lot of coffee, hot chocolate and all the sweet beverages/food will result in energy crash. Once this happens, you will feel hungry and tired. This will lead to another bad consequences which are eat more and sleep more!

And please, if you want to give yourself a rest from the restraint (of choc, sweet drinks, greasy foods), do not take all of it in one go! Please consider a queue. This week is chocolate relief week, next week is sweet drink relief week and so on. (though, it is still best to avoid doing it frequently)

I think that's all for now. I'll give more tips and sharing in the next entry. Don't think herbalife as a diet but try to think it as part of your usual eating. and for other dieters, no crash diet please.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Hidup Terasa Lebih Bermakna


Random post about random feeling. Today, I went to my darlings house to settle one of the diet challenge stages.  It was tiring (and still). I had to walk to four places. First to Hunter Personnel, then took a bus to ****** and then to ******** and lastly took two buses to reach **** **** (my participants' details are confidential)

However, I feel energetic (thanks Allah, thanks herbalife, thanks coach, thanks sis) and enthusiastic. Because I really want to help people to reach their dream. My coach always says this to me "betulkan niat, even nik tak dapat apa apa sgt pn, tapi insyaAllah pahala dapat. we know how it suffers to be diffident cz of our appearance". Although I am not perfect, I am happy with the new me :)

Sometimes, people's words and expression hurt my feeling, though they don't mean to be. It even hurts to imagine that my darlings might go through this. However, I try to think positive "they don't mean it. take it as an advice and concern. you are just thinking too much:)"

It is not wrong at all to improve ourselves and our health (earlier). Ego won't benefit you much. :)

That's all. I can't do any of my homeworks coz my mind is saying "oh, my works (the coaching part) have finished".

p/s: I am actually realising one of my dreams; to help people in need!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Recipe: Chocolate Muffin!


Serioussss, I feel like climbing the Eiffel Tower and sing "akhirnya! Muffin aku menjadi jugaaaa, sekian lamaaaa" *nyanyi ikut lagu Anita sarawak*

-overreact- LOL

Anyway! This morning, with such enthusiasm, I borrowed kitchen scale from House 32 and started baking at 9.30 am.

This is the recipe:
entah pape je edit gambar. sabo  je laaa..hahahha


200 g cooking chocolate
70 g butter
2 eggs
50g caster powder
60g plain flour
1 teaspoon baking powder

1. Melt the chocolate in a double boiler. Then, put in the butter and let it melt (mix well) with the chocolate. (put aside)

2. In a separate bowl, beat the egg and sugar.
3. Mix the egg with the chocolate+butter mixture

4. Then, the flour and baking powder.
5. After it is well-mixed, fill it into the cuppies about 3/4 or half of the cups.
6. Put it into the oven for about 20 mins at 170 degree Celsius or mark 4 oven
7. You are free to decorate your muffins with whip cream or icing!:)

Selamat mencuba!

maseh kepada housemate saya kerana sudi melayan kerenah masak masak saya. weh! bangga weh! boleh gebang kat anak cucu nanti:D

Monday, October 24, 2011

Recipe: Curry Puff

Assalamualaikummmm awesomeeee

Hi, sorry la. Muffin tak jadi hari tu. terlebih coklat la pulaaaak..huhu. tak pe tak pe. akan dibuat juga muffin tu. jadi TUNGGUUUUU...

Hari ini, housemate ku, Nur Shuhada Miskin, berkata:

Ada: ni, ummi suruh buat karipap sebab kentang rumah dia banyak
Saya: waaa, nak tolong skali laaaa..weeee, boleh letak dalam blog,hehe. (baik tak saya? muehehheehe)

Ayuh melihat gambar dulu!

gedik tak. gambar karipap pun nak edit.hahhaa.
siap buang kot 'jerawat' dia..

Baru belajar edit photoshop dengan Raihan sebenarnya.hehe

Oh, saya tolong mengapit dan meletakkan isi sahaja.huhu.

Ini resepinya~

Inti Karipap:

Ukuran  bahan bergantung kepada diri anda sendiri
kentang dan isi ayam (potong dadu)
bawang merah
serbuk kari dibancuh dgn air (jangan terlalu byk, kalau x jd berair)

Tumis kesemua di atas.

Kulit Karipap:

Tepung, sedikit butter (sesudu kalau amount sedikit), dan air

1. Campurkan kesemuanya dan uli sehingga menjadi doh yang cantik (tidak terlalu lembik dan tidak terlalu keras)

Proses pembuatan:
1. Carik doh dan roll dengan roller atau apa apa yang berbentuk silinder

2. Letak inti berpadanan dengan saiz doh dan kelim (samada secara manual atau pengelim)

3. Letak karipap yang siap dikelim di dalam dulang yang telah ditaburkan sedikit gandum

4. Goreng dan hidangggggg:)

 selamat mencubaaaa!!:)

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Recipe: Omelette Bread


I feel almost like wanting to shrink myself into a tiny mini bit of particle coz I call it as a recipe.haha
Anyway, it is a sharing of what I prepared for my darlings' breakfast this morning:)

i dont know why the orientation does not change.=.=


Bread (4 to 5 slices)
2 Egg
1/4 cup of fresh Milk
Carrots (round or cube shape)
Chillies (green or red)----you can replace these with parsley. It is meant to give colour to the bread texture.
Pinch of salt
Optional: Onions.

1. Beat the egg with pinch of salt and fresh milk. Add in the chillies and carrots.
2. Spread some butter on one side of the bread and then followed by a spoon of the mixed egg.
3. Put a few drops of oil on the non sticky pan and fry it.
4. Flip the bread and repeat step 2.
5. Serve hot with a cup of tea.:)

Happy breakfast!:)

Recipe: Home made Pizza (Tuna, Malaya Chicken, Salami)


Hari ini kita ber bahasa ibunda pula ya. (bajet nye.ngeee):P

Baru balik dari rumah sayang sayang Peverell di Mannamead Road. House warming and kenduri kesyukuran for His blessing.:) Meriah, of course la meriahhhh. Tambah  tambah ada kami penghuni house 20 yang comel ni. kekekeke. *pang! kena tampar dengan Nad.hahaha*

ok dah. cakap banyak banyak tak guna. Semalam saya dan rakan serumah, Shuhada Miskin, telah menyediakan terlebih dahulu barang barang untuk buat pizza. Kemudian, bahan bahan dibawa dan dibakar di rumah Peverell. Of course la, saya tolong tolong masak topping and hidang je. hehe

HOME MADE PIZZA (TUNA, MALAYA PIZZA, CHEESY SALAMI)-----belasah bagi nama. yang penting sedap.:D


Bahan Bahan Doh:

1 1/2 cawan air suam
2 1/4 sudu teh yeast
3 1/2 cawan tepung roti
2 sudu makan minyak zaitun
2 sudu teh garam
1 sudu teh gula

Cara cara:
1. Satukan yeast dan air suam di dalam bekas (chef kata, air suam ye, bukan air sejuk mahupun air panas)
2. Masukkan minyak zaitun+tepung+garam+gula
3. Gaul sehingga sebati.
4. Biarkan 45-60 mins untuk bagi dia naik dan kembang (ampa biar semalaman pun tak pe wehhh)
5. Tutup bekas dengan kain lembap.

hasil selepas semalaman. berkembang dengan sihat

salami tu untuk topping PIZZA CHEESY SALAMI
cheddar cheese dipotong tebal memanjang untuk dibalut

Hirisan nenas
Hirisan bawang besar (dipotong bulat)
Hirisan Capsicum (Lada Benggala)
Cheddar cheese (dipotong bar)
Grated Cheese (untuk ditabur)
Topping tuna

Cara masak Topping tuna:
1. 2 tin tuna
2. Masak sesuka hati (macam sardin)-------masak hingga ia kering.

Proses pembuatan Pizza Tuna:
1. Sapukan butter pada dulang pembakar.

2. Ambil doh mengikut isipadu tray. (ketebalan insyaAllah ikut suka ampa jugak)

3. Dengan menggunakan sedikit tepung, bentukkan doh mengikut bentuk dulang pembakar.
3. Tarik hujung doh untuk digunakan bagi membalut Cheddar cheese (atau cheese ape je yang ampa ada). ---ala-ala cheese pizza hut tu..

4. Sapukan mayonis di atas doh, diikuti puri tomato.
(yang ni gambar untuk topping ayam. yang merah adalah puri tomato)

5. Letakkan isi topping tuna. 3 hingga 4 gelung bawang besar, hirisan nanas, hirisan capsicum dan karot.

6. Taburkan grated cheese sesuka hati ampa.

7. Bakar di dalam oven mark 6 selama 20 minit (bergantung kepada saiz pizza)



1. hirisan daging ayam
2. cili boh (atau serbuk cili + air)
3. Bawang besar
4. Bawang putih
5. Garam + gula secukup rasa
6. Sedikit sos tomato

Cara cara:

1. Tumis bawang besar + putih + cili boh.
2. Masukkan ayam, goreng bersama tumisan sehingga masak.
3. Kemudian masukkan sos tomato, garam, gula.
4. Biarkan sementara agar kuah nya sedikit kering.

Proses pembuatan pizza malayan adalah sama. ulang langkah yang sama seperti PIZZA TUNA (cuma tukar topping sahaja)

selamat mencuba!!!:)

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Evolution of Diet's Result. (PART 1)


in this entry (PLEASE CLICK) I've promised to share my diet plan. Let's first begin with the early phase. I started this so called diet in June but I was not discipline (sorry to my coach). So, I was able to lose around 1 kg only per month. However, in August (fasting month) I said this to myself "this cannot do. I must, I must, I must try. this is for me. for my health, my confidence.I MUST!". So, the journey of patience and determination begins.

I'll show what I was like in December 2010 (3 months after I arrived in UK). I was 57/56 kg before I went to UK but as I live in UK for a couple of months, this is the "magnificent" result

pehhhh, malunye nak uploaddddd... serius. 

Curious to know my weight at this time? I was 66 almost to 67 kg! Bukan takat mind blowing, pancreas, live, paru paru blowing. Semua ada.

Then, in january. I started to diet. I signed up for gym and eat less. and guess what happened? No? Don't want to try? Did I manage or did I only make  fool of myself? Yes, I was able to knock the weight down a kilo and two. So, I ended up 64 kg until June 2011.

Ye ye, saya tahu tak banyak perubahan pun. terima kasih.=.= tapi penat taw pegi gym, tahan makan 3 kali sehari. walaupun tak nampak physically. tp dalaman ade ape.:P

And in June, I went to visit my sister and she suggested (kinda forced actually) to take this diet programme and that was the first time I met my lovely coach. Although the first two months I was not discipline, my coach did not complain. Until in the end of August 2011, a miracle happened. 

yes. I did it! I am 56/ 57 kg at this time. I lose 6/5 kg during fasting month

And in September, I tried to maintain my weight and I succeeded (cz, you know, it's Raya month, people invited for dinner, lunch and something. So, yeah.hehe)

On 1st October, I started my diet regime again (until now and ongoing). I am now 53.6 kg (kalau timbang pagi2 sbelum makan 52.8 kg. Of course la. jgn NOOB boleh tak zack=.=) and this is me. Although it looks nothing for some people, I feel something. It makes me proud of myself.

Alhamdulillah (serius rasa nak nangis time timbang and ukur)
(forgive me for the pose.)

the jubah that I always wanted to wear. Alhamdulillah.
(I was not ready but the software already snapped my pic and the quality is low) I was scratching my head.

I keep praying "alhamdulillah 100x" in my prayer. Because I know only Him can 'allow' this to happen. 
I did this not to impress others but solely for me and my mom (who's dying to see new me one day and that 'one day' has come). and another reason is this:
I want to be confident wearing this. that's all. I want my little sisters (real sisters and friends) to see a woman is still beautiful in this and without all those body hugged blouse.

Anyone who wants to know or solely to have a chat with me about the same dillema, you are most welcome. Seriously. I like hearing luahan hati from others. It makes me ponder. my YM and my skype, of the same email address, ID name zack.mimiey

No insertation fees, hidden charges or what, it is just a help from your sister:)

had to delete my so called motto. it sounds negative after I read it though I dont mean to be. seriously. It is just a psychology thing that going on in my mind which induced the motto (to keep me survive)


Sunday, October 9, 2011

Resepi Hidup: Diet


Salah satu resepi hidup yang orang tak kan jemu jemu nak 'cuba' adalah DIET. Bila bercakap pasal diet ni, orang lelaki mungkin akan mengeluh pada orang perempuan, dan orang perempuan bagai nak tension fikir (ini saya bercakap secara umum berdasarkan artikel dan blog blog yang dibaca). Orang lelaki mungkin tak faham kenapa orang perempuan ni suka sangat bersusah payah diet semata mata nak kurus (tapi bila dah kahwin, segelintir dari kaum adam ni jugaklah yang sibuk dok suruh isteri diet). Orang perempuan pula memang lumrah kewanitaannya ingin kelihatan cantik bukan di mata orang tetapi pada mata sendiri dan keluarga sahaja.

Diet atau pengurusan berat badan ini banyak cara. Ada crash diet, protein diet, non-carbo diet, healthy diet programme and sesuka-hati-bila-nak-makan-asalkan-turun-berat-diet. Kalau di entry ni, saya nak cerita (or bandingkan dua result) dua jenis diet:

Diet saya: Waktu pagi, minum minuman diet programme. Sementara tunggu tengahari, jika lapar, saya akan makan buah atau biskut Rich Tea (ASDA, Kalau kat Malaysia, biskut cap ping pong). Tengahari saya makan nasi macam biasa (bergantung kepada tahap lapar). di antara tengahari dan malam saya makan buah atau Rich Tea jika lapar. Malam pula saya akan minum sekali lagi minuman diet programme. Saya akan makan 4 jam sebelum waktu tidur sebab saya akan ada masalah indigestion kalau tidur lepas makan. (kalau time puasa, saya akan berbuka dengan minuman itu dan kemudiannya makan nasi)

(yang ni time disiplin la. time tak disiplin dulu, masyaAllahhhhh)

Diet kakak saya: Dia sibuk buat thesis. Jadi, menurut katanya, dia jarang makan. tapi dia makan makanan seperti biskut biskut (berperisa), maggi, nasi dan roti apabila dia lapar. So, basically dalam sehari kita boleh assume dia makan 2 kali or sekali sehari.

Situasi ini berlaku apabila saya ke Sheffield untuk jumpa coach saya bagi sesi timbang berat (time  ni tak disiplin buat programme diet itu). Hasil timbangan ialah, kami kedua keduanya turun sebanyak kilo yang sama TETAPI ukuran badan kakak saya bertambah di pinggul dan paha. Manakala saya hilang 11 cm di seluruh badan.

Namun begitu, pada bulan puasa baru baru ini, saya disiplinkan diri dan hilang 6 kg dalam masa sebulan. Sangat diet shock (sebab tak pernah hilang banyak tu kalau diet) dan juga ukuran di seluruh badan berkurang berpuluh cm. Pada bulan september saya berhenti diet seketika dan pulun makan untuk raya tapi alhamdulillah tak naik balik berat. Maka pada 27 Sept baru baru ini, saya start balik diet sehinggalah sekarang (tapi saya beri kelonggaran pada diri dengan dapat merasa makan makanan seperti keropok dan coklat (sekali sekala, dalam sekali seminggu?hee). Alhamdulillah juga, tadi timbang hilang 3 kg. 2 minggu 3 kg, not bad, kan?

Akan tetapi satu lagi diet yang ingin saya bincang adalah crash diet di mana orang itu tidak makan nasi secara mengejut. Pada masa yang sama, kurang minum air dan apabila di hujung bulan, dia akan gembira kerana hilang 4 hingga 6 kg. Tapi, jika dia kembali makan seperti biasa pada bulan seterusnya, percayalah berat yang dia hilang berkemungkinan akan naik 2 kali ganda. SEBAB beratnya turun kerana air dalam badan yang hilang dan bukanlah lemak. Jadi, sila lah minum air.

Kenapa saya cerita? Saja, ingin berkongsi sebab ada yang dah tegur saya turun berat jadi apa salahnya berkongsi cerita sebab tak kan kita je nak bahagia, kan?:) Jom sama sama jadi sihat. Tak ade ape yang rugi kerana kita sama sama jaga badan yang Allah bagi pinjam. Kerana matlamat saya bukanlah ingin hilangkan KG semata mata tapi ingin tingkatkan energy badan dan kesihatan.

Oh, nak tahu sebab utama saya nak turun berat kenapa?

sebab saya nak nampak anggun pakai jubah ni.:)
bukan untuk tatapan orang lain tapi cukuplah untuk kepuasan hati sendiri:)

p/s: sebenarnya malu aw nak tulis entry ni. macam syok sendiri je. tapi teringat kata kata coach saya, sampai bila kita nak pentingkan diri tengok orang lain tak de keyakinan diri macam kita waktu mula diet dulu (sebab dia pun bermula dari overweight dulu) comel kan coach sy?:)

Monday, October 3, 2011

October Diet Regime (ODR)


bunyi macam bijak je bila guna abbreviation untuk tajuk di atas.haha. tadi gi rumah ummi, xtaw kenapa, byk sgt benda makanan y dibincangkan. Dirt Cake, Nawroz, Best Kebab/New York Express and etc..adoiiii.... huhu..

Tak leh tak leh. kena tunggu bulan depan. Kenapa? 1. Poket dah longgar, 2. Bulan ini bulan ikat perut.heee. xde la ikat perut. tapi diet regime is on baby!

Semakin semangat diriku ini bila ada deal dengan kwn nk compete habis Oktober ni tengok sapa paling banyak kurang. Semangat juga bila Abg Saiful Hafez Ali a.k.a Nad's bro-in-law bagi semangat. Ko jangan main mariaaa..Kalau orang tanya or ajak makan ketika bukan waktunya boleh jawab cani "sorry, I am on diet regime." waahh...kelassss gitu.heee~~

InsyaAllah, niat untuk sihatkan tubuh badan, untuk start cegah penyakit merbahaya yang mungkin menyerang ketika tua nanti, contohnya kencing manis? sakit jantung?heee~~ Wish me luck!^^

suka buah epal hijau dari merah sebab isi dia tak se-baldu epal merah

Nanti an, kalau saya berjaya ar dapat berat yang saya inginkan itu by the end of oktober, saya akan kongsi jenis jenis makanan yang patut dielak dan patut dibaham (dibaham? bunyi sangat extreme.haha).

p/s: kadang kadang an, kalau kawan kawan or sape sape ajak saya makan, tak sampai hati taw nak tolak. takut tertoreh perasaan mereka. tapi, untuk menjayakan regime ini. maafkan daku.huhu:p