Thursday, July 7, 2011

Travel Guide: One of the Wonders in United Kingdom

Assalamualaikum people and good evening..

Fresh update after the Stonehenge Trip. Today was very exhausting. We spent one whole day in Salisbury. We departed from Marjon at 8.10 am to catch the 8.53 train to Westbury-> Salisbury. Unfortunately, two of our friends left their rail cards at home. We thought of going back but then thinking of  the train which supposed to depart in 30 minutes time, we decided to try our luck.

When the conductor asked for the tickets and rail cards, our friends honestly told him that they forgot to bring it with them. However, the conductor seemed to suspect us because there were two of us who did not have the cards. I was very upset with his words and tried to convince him.

"Im sorry, are you trying to accuse us of being a liar and try to take advantage of the situation. It's our fault but we've paid the fine and we've appologised. Well sir, if I were to bring this case to the court, I'm sure you will be sentenced a great penalty for your offensive accusation!"

But then, that lines only echoed in my tense mind and burning heart. Heee~ Our Deen taught us to be polite. So I said:

"They really forgot to bring with them. It's their first time. We couldn't go back to get it because it takes time."

You know (with his reddened ears and flared eyes) he refused to accept our words. SABO JE LAAAAA :)

We arrived at Salisbury train station at 11. 46 am and paid for the Stonehenge Tour Bus.
This is your admission ticket to Stonehenge and Old Sarum.

Don't lose this ticket. This is your bus ticket (valid for one whole day)

While touring there was an audio recorded guide about the place played on the bus. At least, we weren't blurred..:p

Salisbury is a beautiful town. You can see flowers everywhere. It is like a romeo and juliet town.:)

It was about 30 minutes ride. There! We could see the stones from the double decker bus.

You get an audio set for free that will explain about the history of the Stonehenge.
At each checkpoint, you need to press the number  (audio set) according to the checkpoint numbers.

After 5000 years, these are the only stones that left.

"Henge" means hanging. So class, what does Stonehenge mean? HANGING STONES!! Goooodddd..
There are so many conclusion made by archeologist about these stones. It is said that it is used as a purpose of communication, ritual, and astonomical purpose.
 (what I was saying to myself was "betul ke dorang ni. Entah entah saje reka cite nak bagi jadi tourist spot".=.= Negatif betul pemikiran.hehe)

The stone was actually from somewhere else. It was actually from a place which is 1.2 mile from the current spot.

A mural of the actual landscape.

Then, we hopped on the bus and went to Old Sarum. You can choose whether to continue the journey to the city or stop at Old Sarum and catched the next bus. Since, we paid 15 pounds for the tour, let's make it really worth it.

The place was really hidden. We followed a narrow path and also hiked the hill to reach the Old Sarum Castle. (but it was near actually.hehe)

As it was pictured, the castle was situated in the middle of the earth work. It wasn't actually a complete castle. Just the remaining of its structure. But the place was really relaxing and the scenery was spectacular!

The circle is a well.

it is also a place of gossip for the servants in the past. funny!
Look! the servant in the Merchant of Venice is gossiping with Solanio!

The site of the old Cathedral.

Then, we catched the bus to the city centre. It was already 3.30 pm by the time we reached the city. Don't worry, there are halal foods for muslims to have lunch.:) Quality Kebab House is good too. Then, we walked to the Cathedral. It was huge. The spire is the tallest one in the land. It is also said that the spire slightly inclines towards the west because of its weak structure.

3 budak x betul hahaha..

The front view

Lepas tu, boleh pulak kan berbual pasal kenangan time foundation years, pasal assignments depan cathedral tu. :p

On the way back to the train station, we went to a beautiful garden.


We bumped into our friends (who visited Bath) in Westbury. Then we travelled back together to Plymouth.

Oh, I got this as a memoryand my keychain collection.

And the most notable things that I learned today.

1. Perancangan Allah lebih sempurna. (yesterday, I checked the weather forecast. It was predicted that it would be a heavy rainy day today. But, our journey was lightly shined by the sun and it was a smooth journey.

2. Trip yang simple akan jadi sangat menyeronokkan jika kita pergi dengan hati yang tenang dan orang yang kita selesa bersama. it will be so memorable with all the laughs. (kami gelak je sepanjang journey tu. sangat enjoy dengan cerita masing masing)

p/s: we spent only 50.96 pounds for this enjoyable trip!

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