Saturday, July 2, 2011

Film: 3 2 1 Cinta

Assalamualaikum people of the earth,

Last time, I've commented on Bad Teacher. Quite good. Last night, I watched another film. I don't know whether it is a telemovie or a film. Anyway. It is a  malay one. Released in June 2011 (if i'm not mistaken). I think it is a romantic comedy type of film.

It is about a tomboyish girl Sam (Diana Amir), originally named Siti Aisyah, who likes Nazril (Farid Kamil). She is a muka-tembok type of girl kot. So, she does everything she can to make Nazril likes her. She has a best friend named Fariz. And you can guess what happen next. The plot is cliche. But, I like it because it makes me laugh! I laughed till i think my bowel going to fall down. LOL.

Watch it if you are in stress. Good for your awet muda. But then, not good too coz, ketawa kuat byk hilang ilmu. (oh, ptut la entry saya hari ni x best. Hilang ilmu blogging rupenyeeeee. ;P)

STARS: 4 stars

Till then people. See you in Mars!


  1. I have watched this movie...For me it is not funny at all.....I know that the producer or whoever involved in making this film wanna send the message that it is not wrong for " perigi untuk mencari timba".. I am totally agree with idea BUT how they presented the behavior or strategies done by the girl to find her " timba" is not "cerdik" or can i just say stupid!.There are many other ways for a girl to find her soul mate without putting her dignity and grace smart!

  2. dugh.... dont be too sensitive. it is just a movie. the way it is presented is not bad (if you take it positively) which is dont be that stupid even if you are in a situation of perigi cari timba. right..????