Thursday, July 21, 2011

Book Review: Tautan Hati


I decided to write again rather than just lying on the bed or surfing the internet lamely. I bought this book in Negeri Sembilan when I was in USIM (awww, I miss USIM!!). There was a book festival in the city of Nilai. I went there with my friends and coursemates. I read this book when I was in Form 5? err, cant remember. However, I certainly remember that the reason I bought it not because it was my first reading but I wanted it to be one of my book collections.

I think, every character in this novel is the main character. Asiah Yusro, Al-Banna, Umar, Mardiah and Elya Khadija are some of the characters in it. All the names are inspired from incredible people who have done good deeds in Islam.

 For your information, this is the only book that I bring with me to UK (and a dictionary). I think I really need it when I am in distress. It tells us about the situations in teenager's life and the solutions (maybe). I find it a good source of motivation to build my spiritual level. It never fails to wake my inner soul each time I read it. So, it is really a recommended reading for you even though you dislike lovey dovey novel. But if you dont fancy reading, that cannot be helped. LOL.


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