Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Awaited Month

25 July

That means only 6 days before the most awaiting month of all muslims, RAMADHAN
The time where all the canopies are opened and all the foods are there for you to point and pay
Days where money flows more than the usual day
All the clocks ring before 6 am in Malaysia while plus minus at other parts of the world
It also means overflow in most mosques

It is the month where people make promises to Him
With tears and regrets
Hoping for a second chance
Some are true while others are just fake
Trying to bribe Him with all the sunat doings
Remorse, is it only in Ramadhan?
To seek forgiveness, is it easy like pointing at those cakes and dishes, pay and settle?
Is that what you think?

After 30 days of pure moments,
Some will continue with the usual doings
Senile seems to be in everyone when they forget all the promises, tears and remorse.

Sigh. Me?

p/s: and why am I suddenly become so Shakespeare?

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