Sunday, July 31, 2011

Tips: Avoid On-line Shopping Spree


Another interesting (annoying habit) to be discussed. Um!um! Overspend! Hands up if you don't have any problem with your spending. (cricket sound) Sorry sorry, just kidding. I don't really have major problem with my spending (rolled eyes). Okay, a little. If you've read THIS ENTRY, you'll know that I am quite a big spender actually.  However, I have a few tricks to cheat myself.

My major problem is online shopping. I am simple person (or lazy to be precised). I like to do online shopping rather than going to the city (ride bus, sleep on the bus, walk to the shops, bla bla bla and bla bla). Online shopping is more convenient for certain items. My 'online mall' is Ebay and Amazon.

I shop occasionally at Amazon. Usually educational purpose, books, books, and books. (yeaaaa..awkward face).  Ebay is my shopping 'best friend'.

1. What is so amazing in Ebay?
The amazing is you can get things at cheaper prize (if you know how to bargain and select items).
Such as:

  • You can get used or new I phone at cheaper prize.
  • Most international items are available here.
2. How to avoid shopping spree in Ebay?

Here are some tricks:

Every Ebay-er has account. You can review your shopping summary through it (usually I delete my summary to ease my heart... lalalala)
For example, if you are having an I phone fever (coz your friends have it), search for the model that you like.

  • Search: 

  • Different item has different auction duration. The one above will end in 23 hours time. So, click the 'add to list' link and put it in 'watch list

  • By doing this, it will ease your urge. Because your mind has this idea of 'yeah, it's in my list now. yes!' ALERT!: don't keep checking on your ebay after doing this. So that, the next time you open it, you will have the reason to say 'awww, I missed the deadline. No chance to buy it.' I am sure, by that time, your so called shopping craze has decreased a little bit.
You can do this trick not only in Ebay but also in Amazon, New Look, Next, Dorothy Perkins websites by searching all your desired clothes and simply put it in 'your basket'. It surely will help to calm your shopping urge.:)

That's all the tip that I would like to share. Personal experience (I do this almost everyday) hahhaha!


Selamat Menyambut★* 。 • ˚ ˚ ˛ ˚ ˛ •
•。★Ramadhan 1432H★ 。* 。˚ ˛ •˛•
° 。 ° ˛˚˛ * _Π_____*。*˚
˚ ˛ •˛•˚ */______/~\。˚ ˚ ˛
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Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Awaited Month

25 July

That means only 6 days before the most awaiting month of all muslims, RAMADHAN
The time where all the canopies are opened and all the foods are there for you to point and pay
Days where money flows more than the usual day
All the clocks ring before 6 am in Malaysia while plus minus at other parts of the world
It also means overflow in most mosques

It is the month where people make promises to Him
With tears and regrets
Hoping for a second chance
Some are true while others are just fake
Trying to bribe Him with all the sunat doings
Remorse, is it only in Ramadhan?
To seek forgiveness, is it easy like pointing at those cakes and dishes, pay and settle?
Is that what you think?

After 30 days of pure moments,
Some will continue with the usual doings
Senile seems to be in everyone when they forget all the promises, tears and remorse.

Sigh. Me?

p/s: and why am I suddenly become so Shakespeare?

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Insomniac. Am I?


It has been two weeks. I have sleeping difficulties. I have tried to go to bed since 11.30 pm right after Isyak prayer. Urghh~~ why...Why must in summer, summer has short night and I have to suffer less hour for sleeping? *weep* Yes, I am used to sleeping late at night. But not in summer. I mean, it is summer we are talking about. For the past two weeks, I've been calling friends in Malaysia because of this (I called my family but voicemail greeted me. -----I know you might question about this. hehe). Then only I might sleep, at 2 o clock -_-'.

Okay, I really need to sleep. Let's google and find some solution.

Insomnia can be classified as transient, acute, or chronic.
  1. Transient insomnia lasts for less than a week. It can be caused by another disorder, by changes in the sleep environment, by the timing of sleep, severe depression, or by stress. Its consequences - sleepiness and impaired psychomotor performance - are similar to those of sleep deprivation.[9]
  2. Acute insomnia is the inability to consistently sleep well for a period of less than a month.[10]
  3. Chronic insomnia lasts for longer than a month. It can be caused by another disorder, or it can be a primary disorder. Its effects can vary according to its causes. They might include muscular fatigue, hallucinations, and/or mental fatigue. Some people that live with this disorder see things as if they are happening in slow motion, wherein moving objects seem to blend together. Can cause double vision[9]

Okay, I am in the second group. Acute insomnia. Wow, it sounds like cute insomniac for me. XD Now that we know about the group, what are the causes??

Okay, there are a LOT! but I think it's this one:

Life events such as fearstressanxiety, emotional or mental tension, work problems, financial stress, birth of a child and bereavement.

Not birth of child, okay. Maybe because I think too much about getting a work. Seriously, I even dreamt about it. Pathetic. Short sleep + disturbance in dream. Even more pathetic when I decided to eat coz I thought I would not sleep. But then, right after finish eating, I started to feel sleepy. What thee.... (nasib baik yougurt je)

peh, scary gambar ni.

Refer HERE

dugh, medication to cure this??? No thanks, I have enough pills to be swallowed. okay, let's just pray then. bye...

p/s: jgn biarkan hidup anda diselubungi insomnia.

wuwuwuwuwu, any cure?

Film Review: Sekali Lagi vs Nur Kasih


okay, yang ni memang best. Seriously best. Meleleh gue tengok citer ni. Gue dah la tak bley crita crita sedih bab bab family ni. adesshh... Tak mahu cerita jalan cerita dia. Sendiri tengok dan sendiri berteka teki okay? Tapi rasanya dah ramai tengok kot. Gue je baru tengok.kekeke..

Bintang dari segi jalan cerita: 4/5 stars (1 star kurang sebab asyik bab cinta)
Bintang dari segi penghayatan setiap watak: 5/5

Berbanding filem Nur Kasih yang orang kata sedih sampai kena sediakan tisu berkotak kotak (gue tengok ternganga je nak tunggu part sedih). Yang ni gue tak sempat nak prepare perasaan sedih mahu pun tisu, jadi gue lap je guna baju tidur.

P/s: part Amy panggil Arman ayah tu, laju je air fountain gue mengalir. hehe

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Book Review: Tautan Hati


I decided to write again rather than just lying on the bed or surfing the internet lamely. I bought this book in Negeri Sembilan when I was in USIM (awww, I miss USIM!!). There was a book festival in the city of Nilai. I went there with my friends and coursemates. I read this book when I was in Form 5? err, cant remember. However, I certainly remember that the reason I bought it not because it was my first reading but I wanted it to be one of my book collections.

I think, every character in this novel is the main character. Asiah Yusro, Al-Banna, Umar, Mardiah and Elya Khadija are some of the characters in it. All the names are inspired from incredible people who have done good deeds in Islam.

 For your information, this is the only book that I bring with me to UK (and a dictionary). I think I really need it when I am in distress. It tells us about the situations in teenager's life and the solutions (maybe). I find it a good source of motivation to build my spiritual level. It never fails to wake my inner soul each time I read it. So, it is really a recommended reading for you even though you dislike lovey dovey novel. But if you dont fancy reading, that cannot be helped. LOL.


Saturday, July 16, 2011

Awesomeness Always Happens at The End.

Nothing else to say except 7/7 for the last one. Watch it online or at the cinema. It is worthy. Time, money and waiting. I wished I could be like J.K Rowling. Her mind is just mind blowing.

Watch it here if you want:

Mari Belajar Bahasa Kelantan


Untuk menjadi seorang guru yang berjaya saya haruslah berlatih dari sekarang. Jadi ayuh kita mulakan dengan mempelajar bahasa ibunda versi loghat kelantan.:)

Disebabkan hari ini hari pertama murid murid, maka cikgu tidak ingin membebankan memory disk otak murid murid. Baik bukan cikgu kamu yang comel ini..teehee~~..
Cikgu rasa mesti kamu dh tahu perkataan perkataan basic seperti:

Awak/you/ente/enti/kamu= Mu/demo

Mari kita advance sedikit dengan menjelajahi zaman sekolah rendah


Sekolah= Skoloh (sebut dengan penuh keyakinan jitu ye.)

eh silap, ni bakal cekgu. bukey cekgu lagi.hehehe

Kapur kasut=Poda kasuk
Pensel= Kale

Okay, ayuh kita aplikaskan apa yang  kita belajar hari ini:

Situasi, Ruby datang ke sekolah dan menegur kawannya Rosalinda di pintu pagar sekolah. Sila tukarkan ayat standard di bawah kepada loghat Kelantan.

Ruby: Cuba awk lihat kasut saya, putih gila kan? Saya baru sapukan kapur kasut yang ayah saya beli semalam. Kan Cikgu Nik cakap semalam yang kalau kita pergi ke sekolah dengan kasut yang tak dikapur, dia nak tarik rambut  tepi kita sampai tercabut.

Rosalinda: Yeke? Habis la saya. Alamak! Pensil saya  pun saya tertinggal la. Macam mana ni Ruby......

okay, sila letak pensel anda. Pelajar di meja belakang, kutip kertas dan letakkan di atas meja guru.

Cikgu tahu murid murid pandang rendah pada cikgu sebab ajar benda benda senang ni kan. tapi tak pe tak pe. Di waktu yang lain kita akan masuk bab sekolah menengah pula ok? byeeee

 "acu  mu tengok, KASUK aku putih sepoh. aku baghu lepah PODA denge PODA KASUK hok abah aku beli smale. Key CEKGU Nik oyak mareng, kalu kito gi SKOLOH tok PODA kasuk, dio nok tarik sekbeng kito sapa cabuk."

"Hah? Yoko? Mapuh doh la aku.  Hah sudoh!!! KALE pong aku tingga nih. Gano ni Ruby...

Aktiviti Ramadhan Rejab Shaaban


Dekat dekat nak puasa ni, teringat pulak masa di rumah. Mami saya ni bukan la queen control tapi apa yang dia kata memang orang akan dengar dan tak berani nak bantah sebab dia ada karisma yang boleh tundukkan orang. Saya pun la kiranya.hehe. Sejak 2009 rasanya, mami wajibkan ke atas semua warga Syed Khanz ( geng geng keluarga kitorang  yang berada di Kelantan, Terengganu dan Pulau Pinang) supaya puasa Rejab Shaaban sementara tunggu Ramadhan. Tambah tambah time cuti sekolah semua balik rumah saya kat Kelantan dan puasa sama sama. Yang kecik kecik tak diwajibkan lagi, tapi digalakkan.

Saya selaku ahli Syed Khanz yang satu satunya pergi ke sekolah agama diamanahkan oleh mami untuk kendalikan beberapa benda. Salah satunya, beritahu kepada semua ahli bila start Rejab. Mami dan my sister, Nik Nur Azwanida, akan mesej Mak cik Mak cik dan suami suami yang berada di Terengganu dan Pulau Pinang. Jadi bermulalah journey kami sepanjang Rejab dan Shaaban. Sepanjang Rejab dan Shaaban tu, mami akan suruh saya buat tazkirah dekat cousin cousin, adik adik yang masih kecik, mak cik mak cik saya, serta mami sendiri selepas solat maghrib. Nervous weih, walaupun untuk keluarga sendiri. Siap buat research tu! Selain tazkirah, kitorang baca Yasin, Mathurat dan lain lain.

Yang amazingnya, cousin cousin dan adik adik yang kecik tu sangat kental. Dorang pun tak tinggal puasa rejab shaaban. Kalau ada pun dalam 5 hingga 6 hari je. Sebab my mami kata:
 "Siapa yang tinggal puasa Shaaban dan Rejab tu memang rugi la. Training nak puasa Ramadhan kan. Nanti Ramadhan, tak de lah lembik macam orang tak pernah puasa."
 lebih kurang macam tu la. Time Rejab dan Shaaban ni la mami train adik adik dan cousin cousin yang baru nak start semayang. Mami wajibkan dorang solat jemaah antara dorang dorang je. Sebab, bila buat ramai ramai budak budak akan lebih seronok dan eksaited nak buat lagi. Bijak kan my mami?:)

Bila dah sampai Ramadhan, memang dah biasa. Even lupa nak sahur pun, tak jadi masalah termasuklah si kecil si kecil. Time puasa, mami suruh yang besar besar (me, kakak, abang, mami dan abah) solat terawih kat Masjid Machang dan adik adik dok rumah je. Kadang kadang dorang pun ikut sekali. Pagi pagi plak lepas siapkan sahur untuk adik adik, mami akan kejutkan untuk pergi qiamulail kat masjid yang sama. Lepas tu sahur kat sana. Dalam pukul 7 baru balik rumah untuk siap siap pergi kerja.

Tima raya adalah paling gempak, sebab kami akan buat aktiviti keluarga macam, main bola jaring antara keluarga, pertandingan baju paling seragam dan macam macam la. Siap dengan hadiah hadiah lagi. Seronok!!! Kadang kadang kami geng geng meriah (mak cik mak cik, cousin cousin dan adik adik) buat plan senyap senyap pergi berkelah dan tinggalkan mami, abah. Bila balik petang mami dan abah pun kata "ooo, patut la rumah senyap, dapur tak berasap. rupanya puak puak dia pergi berkelah."Lepas tu arwah nenek pun akan kata "hola, demo tu tinggal aku sorang sorang." Semua orang ketawa dengar nenek cakap macam tu. hahahha! Rindu sangat. Saya sure raya tahun ni mesti tak meriah sebab tak de saya sebagai camera man dan videographer.kekekkee (prasan!)

tema raya tahun lepas, arabic style. Ni time malam raya, try out baju.:)

setiap hari inilah propotion ayam yang kami makan untuk 4 keluarga. (2 bakul sebenarnya)

rumah pertama yang kami akan beraya adalah rumah Kak Dah.:)

Ceronok kan?? :') Best kalau berkumpul ramai ramai semua geng geng meriah ni. Kalau tak sunyi je raya rumah saya.:)

Nanti kalau kakak dan abang abang saya kahwin, mesti dah lain. Sebab kami adik beradik dan cousin cousin yang selalu raya sama sama semua kecik kecik single single. Bak kata mak cik saya masa raya tahun lepas "Lepas ni, kak dah tak jadi kak kita la. Lepas ni dah jadi kak orang lain pulak dan tinggal kat tempat lain. Dia dah kena tolerate dengan orang lain untuk balik raya sama sama dengan kita." :')

Apa cerita raya tahun ni Syed Khanz members? hehe..

Friday, July 15, 2011

Film Review: Arthur


I've just watched this movie like...umm...5 seconds ago. Okay, I don't really get the theme and main point but I think I could see that it is about able to stand for what you believe is right.

An irresponsible lad named Arthur is rich beyond Harry Potter. He is a drunkard, pervert and childish. He depends on two things; his fortune and his loyal nanny, Hobson. Then, his mother Vivian wants him to marry a girl named Susan. Susan actually agrees to marry him for his title. But, there is nothing Arthur could do because his mother has threaten to take all his source of money if he refuses to marry Susan. Out of his control, he falls in love with an ordinary girl named Naomi Quin. And you know, they can't be together, bla bla bla. Then, Hobson gets sick. Arthur learns to actually take care of other person until Hobson died. On the day he is supposed to be wedded, He finds a piece of writing from Hobson. Then, he decides to give up everything and chooses Naomi. However, Naomi turns him down. After a while, he finds out that Naomi has published a book. He reaches her and confesses his love. The end.

I think the story is lame but the jokes in it are hillarous. Katty Perry's husband is really amusing in this film. i would give 2/5 for the plot and 5/5 for the script!:)

Oh by the way, there are a lot of dirty scenes. So, you know. Choose wisely:)

p/s: you can watch it here if you want:

The 'Cold' Incident at the Freezing Bristol Station


Hari ini saya ingin berbahasa melayu pula.:) Semalam, saya berada di Stesen Bristol Temple Meads dari Sheffield. Saya nak balik ke Plymouth. Tapi train saya dari Bristol pukul 5.24 pagi. Masa tu pukul 12.12 pagi. Mula mula saya dok kat dalam tapi stesen nak tutup dah. Jadi kena la dok kat luar. Saya baring baring lepas tu duduk pasti meniarap meniarap atas kerusi panjang kat luar stesen sambil tengok youtube cerita Sydney White.

Tengok tengok je dah pukul 2 pagi. Kruk krak kruk krak, lapar pulak. Tapi kedai semua dah tutup. Tup tup, saya tak sedar pun ada satu teksi parking elok je depan saya dan ada 3 orang mabuk di tepi saya, berhampiran je. Tapi saya buat donno je la. Sebab dorang tak kacau saya dan saya pun tak kacau dorang. Lagipun, tempat lain dah penuh dan ada orang mabuk juga. Kemudian, ada kereta polis datang. Saya pelik la jugak. Apa hal polis datang sini. Tak kan kawan dorang dorang yang mabuk ni kot. Saya pun selamba pergi dekat driver tu tanya

"Excuse me sir, do you know any restaurants that still open near this station".
"What kind of restaurant?" Jawab pak cik berjambang. Saya syak dia orang orang Bangladesh, tak pon Arab dan sewaktu dengannya.
"Halal food, sir"
"Yeah, I know one. I can take you there after I settle with them three" Saya agak konfius la. Tapi biar je la kan.
"Are you a Muslim?" Saya pun mengangguk bangga.
" Assalamualaikum."
"Waalaikumussalam" jwb saya penuh ayu dan duduk semula di kerusi tadi dan tengok balik cerita. Saya agak agak, maybe 3 orang tu tak bayar tambang teksi la kot, sebab tu polis datang nak selesaikan benda tu. Tibe tibe seorang lelaki mabuk yang paling muda tu (lelaki mabuk A)  marah marah dekat polis tu. Fuih, berani dia marah polis tu. Saya pun "eh, apahal pulak buat drama tv kat sini ni". tapi saya masih boleh fokus terhadap kronologi filem yang saya tengah tengok tu.

Tibe tibe, saya nampak lelaki mabuk yang agak dewasa dari budak lelaki (lelaki mabuk B) tadi buat gerak mulut yang dapat saya faham sebagai "fuck you" dekat pemandu teksi tu. Banyak kali jugak la dia buat macam tu. Polis tu tak nampak sebab dia tengah tahan sabar deal dengan budak lelaki tu. Perbalahan tu berlangsung hampir sejam. Saya serius tak mampu nak bangun sebab terkejut dan rasa macam punggung melekat je dekat kerusi. Saya buat buat macam saya tengah pakai invisibile cloak dalam cerita Harry Potter dan moga dorang tak nampak saya.


"Could you move a bit. I want to sit." tegur lelaki mabuk B. Alamak, dia nampak saya. Invisible cloak Harry Potter tak berfungsi di dunia realiti. Adoi. Saya dengan patuhnya kengsot je punggung ke hujung kerusi sekali. Lelaki mabuk A masih tengah marah marah dan bertengkar dengan polis tadi. Dia siap panggil polis tadi f*ck. Pak cik polis tidak mampu menahan sabar berdasarkan kemerahan telinganya. Dia pun kata yang dia nak hantar A ke jail. Budak tu boleh lagi melawan. Lelaki mabuk B mungkin agak sakit hati dengan situasi tu pn hentak kerusi, bangun dan cakap "could you just shut up!!!" Serius, time dia bangun, lalu depan saya berangin kot. menggeletar badanku.

Hampir 2 jam benda tu berlaku dan makin banyak kereta polis datang. Saya nampak lelaki mabuk A catat no plat teksi tu. Bila dah reda dan polis tengah ambil kenyataan driver dan pemabuk pemabuk, saya rasa punggung saya ringan, dan saya pun lari dari situ dan berdiri di depan pintu automatik (dah dimatikan). Agak jauh dari mereka. Bila dah hampir selesai, tiba tiba bas yang datang untuk ambil orang yang nak ke Airport Bristol langgar punggung teksi pak cik tadi. Kasihan... Malang sungguh nasib pak cik tu.

Lepas selesai dengan driver bas, pak cik tu pun pandu balik teksi dia. Fuh, lega. Nasib baik dia tak ingat pasal saya nak pergi beli makanan. Tibe tibe, fiuuuunnggggg!!! dia buat U turn. Alamak!!!! dia datang balik. Saya pun menghadap dinding dan buat buat baca something (padahal tak de ape nak dibaca pun). Jangan la dia nampak saya. Saya harap invisible cloak Harry Potter berfungsi time tu. Tapi.......tidak!!! Pak cik tu hon. Saya buat tak dengar dan konon tengah membaca dengan khusyuk. Dia pun panggil "Miss,". Aduh...tak leh elak. Saya berpaling dan dia panggih suruh gi dekat. "Yes?" jawab saya penuh sopan dan senyuman fake.
"Do you still want your food? I am happy to take you there."
Tapi saya la tak happy pak cik sebab pemabuk A dah ambik no teksi pak cik dan polis pun dah lepaskan dia lepas ambil keterangan dia dan lepas dia bersihkan teksi pakcik.
"no, it is ok. It's already 4. I need to pray and the station will be opened soon.Thanks anyway"

Fuhhhh..nasib baik. tapi nasib pak cik tu, tak tahu la. Dari ape yang saya curi dengar time berada kat situ. pemabuk A rupanya ludah pada pemandu tu semasa dalam teksi. Kemudia tumbuk cermin penghadang antara pemandu dan penumpang. Pak cik berhentikan teksi dan suruh pemabuk A keluar. tapi ke 3 3 dorang keluar dan tak puas  hati dengan pemandu tu. Dorang nak duit dorang. Tapi polis pulak sebelahkan pemandu. lagi la dorang marah.

Itu la pengalaman dengan pemabuk yang paling mengerikan sebab dorang siap dok sebelah saya lagi. Tapi I think it is interesting in one chapter of my life. Yes, i know i know. I am crazy to think like that. but, it is experience. :)

Sorry cerita boring ni panjang.:)

Pen off.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Unproductive Shopaholic


I was looking at my ebay account summary just now. Then I realised that I shopped quite a lot (without me noticing it!)

***nak siap siap, interview pukul 12 pm. sekarang 10.13. saya mandi 30 minit tahu!***

Okay, ayuh sambung. tak payah cerita pasal interview tu. Sebab tak dapat. T.T

Like I said, I like shopping. Take an example of just now. On my way to the interview place, I dropped in to Cow (bukan kedai lembu). It is a charity shop. I went through each rail. I spotted this one gorgeous outfit. Gosh. I love it. It is a yellow. I never had a yellow cloth except the one I got for volunteering last week (for free). It was 10 pounds. What the. Charity Shop?? 10 pounds??? So not it's standard. I can get the similar one at 5 pounds. But I really like it. I kept looking at it. Went around and took it again. Then, I decided to close my eyes and get out from the shop. Fuh!! That was a very seductive one.

Usually, I did not really wear all those fancy dresses that I bought. Seriously. Major Shopaholic Sickness Syndrome (M3S). What do I do with it?

Situation 1: Shoes

1. I spot one gorgeous shoes (usually wedges). I would think first. Will I wear it? Is it comfortable?
2. I would try it.
3. In most cases, I grab it!
4. In the end, the wedges would be placed with other shoes(under my bed). T.T

Situation 2: Clothes

1. I have this 'mental illnesses'. I wanted to be a fairytale princess in pretty gown and hot shoes. When I go for shopping with my friends, there's always one or two blouses that I fall in love with.
2. I would see the size. (I dont like trying the outfit coz too much clothes to be put off. So, I just look for the size).
3. Usually, there's only size 8 or 10. I am 12 (at least now).  Sometimes, it is too big or I would say too LONG???=.=. How sad is that?
4. My heart would feel really hurt to put it again. So, I end up buying it and it end up in my closet with price tag on it till now.T.T
5. If there is any of birthday girl who fits the size that I have, I would give to them as present.:)

Situation 3: Unrestrained Lust.

1. Online shopping. Who could stop you?? The internet security software can't stop. No one can.
2. I like to buy online. Coz, I will have no excuse to let it go. Like: it will take ages for me to come to the city again. Naaah, I won't have time to come again. It will be a busy week next week, so better grab it now.
3. I try to restrain my desire. I close the tab and try to ignore the Ebay and Amazon. But, I will end up opening it again at night, evening, the next morning!
4. So, I buy it. If it is good 'I knew it is worth buying!' (smile like there's no other proud success). If it is not 'gosh, I knew the other one is better. oh, what a bad luck.' (into the closet) =.=

Situation 4: Jihad

Okay, that sounds a bit exaggerating. hehe

1. When I found something that I like at one place with expensive price, I would try to find a similar one at other shop.
2. If 'Yes' I found a similar one, I would buy the cheap one.
3. If 'No' I did not find one, I would stare at the item with lustful look of a desperate shopaholic who could not find a suitable favourite at a cheap price (ok ok, calm down), I would ask my self these questions.

  • DO YOU REALLY NEED THIS? ---oh damn, I need this. This is the most gorgeous outfit I've ever seen!
  • HOW ABOUT THOSE GORGEOUS OUTFITS IN YOUR CLOSET AND THE ONE YOU HAVE GIVEN TO YOUR FRIENDS?---Well, they are gorgeous, but they are not meant for me? (innocent tone).
  • IS IT A NEED OR A DESIRE?----Well, it can be both. I need it when there is a specific function. I am desperate to have it coz it is stunning!
  • HOW ABOUT MONEY?---- I still have (quite?) a lot. I mean, come on, money arent everything. It cant vouch you paradise. (lame excuseeeee)
  • PEOPLE IN AFRICA, PALESTINE ETC WEAR TORN CLOTHES EVERYDAY. ARE ALL YOUR CLOTHES TORN? -----With this, I rest my case. Gently, put the clothes back in it rail. Went away with massive sadness.
So, that's how awfully unproductive my shopping was. I hope it gives you a bit of awareness about shopping. And please think twice before buying your gorgeous items. It is beautiful, gorgeous, seductive and over the top hot but do you really need it? Like desperately?

Lucky me. I am still reasonably sane to give mine to others. hehe (excuse, booooo!!!.:p)

p/s: I think my shopping sickness can't beat my friend, Farah Wahidah.hahahha. Sorry babe, no offence. :p Well, till today, I can still restrain myself from buying unnecessary things using the forth method.:)

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Hebatnya Perempuan


hebatnya perempuan. Hebatnya orang perempuan ni bukan pada kegagahan dia lawan orang gusti. tapi hebatnya orang perempuan ni pada kesabaran dia. nak tahu kenapa?

Sabarnya orang perempuan ni dalam mengikut tuntutan agama. Semua benda nk kena tutup. Tutup atas tutup bawah, labuhkan tepi. Kaki pun kena tutup. Kepala apatah lagi. Cuba kalau try orang lelaki pakai jubah, serban (ok lagi, terbuka), stoking HARI HARI. haaa....memang sabar kan orang perempuan ni. Tambah tambah pula dengan iklim khatulistiwa yang tidak pernah nak bagi diskaun. Fuh!. Panas panas. kagum dengan orang yang boleh pakai jubah tanpa merungut sedikit pun.:)

Yang tak tutup semua tu bukan lah tak hebat. Tapi orang putih kata fair performance.

Sabar lagi orang perempuan ni bila sampai part part perasaan. Orang perempuan ni senang sangat dimanipulasi perasaan mereka. Tambah tambah bab bab cinta. Selalu kan kita dengar perempuan kena tinggal dengan lelaki, sepak terajang dengan boy friend, gantung tak bertali, dera. Cer try lelaki ade orang mai luku kepala dia. Mau naik hangin satu badan. Kalau tak naik angin sekali pun, dia akan tumbuk orang tu. Paling lekeh kepal penumbuk tahan geram.

Kalau bab bab relationship, cuba kalau perempuan tu tak contact sehari tanpa bagi sebab, terus hantar mesej dan call berkoyan koyan.

"awak, apsal awk tak angkat ni. awak tak sayang saya ea?"
"dah best sangat la tu layan komen lelaki kan?"
"awak ni dah tak nak saya contact ke ape??"

Bila dah 10 mesej tak berjawab
"dah la! tak nak balas sudah!"

 Yang perempuan ni bila dah ada mesej bertangki macam tu, rela keluarkan hp senyap senyap, mesej bawah meja.

"I kat kelas la. ada usrah."

Bukan lah nak kata perempuan tak de buat macam tu. buat je. 5 mesej pertama akan minta maaf, 2 mesej kedua akan merajuk atau marah, 3 mesej last akan pujuk. Tapi kalau perempuan hantar mesej berkati kati, call berkilo kilo. Si lelaki boleh buat macam biasa je. Kalau perempuan, memang sah sah akan gelabah, terus nak mesej tak nak bagi pasangan dia risau/merajuk/marah etc. (cam feminist kan? tapi betul an? an?)

Sabarnya perempuan ni bila sampai bab rumah tangga. Tadi ada sebut kan pasal gantung tak bertali, dera dan sepak terajang. Bab gantung tak bertali la yang saya paling tak faham dulu kini dan mungkin akan datang. Apasal la dia nak tunggu orang yang dah pergi??? Sabarnya perempuan ni, walaupun orang lelaki tinggal dia tanpa pesan satu habuk pun, tapi dia setia menunggu. Cer tengok drama Nur Kasih. Sabar ke tak sabar Nur Amina tu? Bertahun tahun kena tinggal TANPA PESAN .

Cer kalau lelaki kena tinggal WITH PESAN lagi. (hangpa pergi la tengok cerita Anak Emak kat Malaysmoviefull. Bini dia cakap tu nak pergi rumah mak. Dah tak tentu arah.) So, sabar ke tak sabar?

Dulu, saya rasa perempuan ni agak tidak cerdik bila biarkan diri dia dipukul oleh suami. Tapi bila dah besar ni, dah tahu la kenapa. Satu sebab sayang, kedua sebab anak. Siapa yang nak berpisah dengan suami? Cuba habaq mai. Kalau bukan sebab konkrit sekonkrit bangunan Pisa (tak main dah KLCC sekarang.Eksen), memang tak de la perempuan nak mintak cerai  kan. Kalau boleh, sampai kena pukul lebam lebam macam kuali  pun still cakap "abang, mengucap bang."

Mak mana nak tengok anak hidup tanpa bapak. Cuba cakap. Nak nak time anak tanya, "Mak, where is my bapak. Everyone wish father's day. To whom, should I wish this?" (drama). Saya pun boleh nangis tengok drama camni walaupun saya ada papa. Yang tak de? nak cakap ape?

banyak lagi la contoh contoh yang nak disebut. tak cukup ni blogspot satu je. kena pinjam yang Zahirim Adzil sekali. sebab dia artis. jadi orang baca la. :p

Jadi, kesimpulan lepas saya berletiaq tak henti henti dari Assalamualaikum sampai p/s kejap lagi adalah "Girls are like flowers. To be appreciated not crumpled!"

Oh, lupa nak kabo, terinspirasi nok tulis benda ni sebab baca dari blog orang ni. tapi tak baca habes lagi. tak perasan ade "read more".kekekeke. SYED ALEP

p/s: orang lelaki pun sabar jugak. saja nak highlight orang perempuan. nak bagi motivasi suruh lepa ni kuat.:)

Monday, July 11, 2011

Bersih 2.0


Gempar gempur orang dok cerita pasal bersih 9 Julai bersih 9 Julai. Sampai mak cik mak cik pun pum pang pum pang juga cakap pasal bersih. (tambahan je ni). Saya tak tahu mendalam sangat pasal bersih. Siapa pencetus, siapa pembangkang, siapa dan siapa. Tapi tahu la bahawa bersih ni pasal membersihkan politik dan etc ( kalau tak betul, tak taw la nak kata apa)

Mula mula ingatkan okay la kan, tak pe la. orang nak berhimpun je pun. bukan lancarkan misile ke ape. Lepas bersih tu, dok dengar pulak orang dok prung prang prung prang cerita pasal bersih kena strike dengan polis, polis serang, ramai cedera, ada mati.

Ingatkan, maybe luka luka kecil seperti adik saya jatuh basikal. tapi bila tengok video ni, serius dalam hati kata "EH, NI KAT PALESTINE KE??" tapi dengar bunyi orang cakap melayu. pandai pulak rakyat palestine cakap melayu. tengok lagi. "ALLAH! DAH MCM PENGUASA ISRAEL DOK CEPUK RAKYAT PALESTINE DAH"

Takut gak tengok. Malaysia dah bukan malaysia. Harap harap tak de ape ape yang teruk lagi la terjadi.
Jangan la bagi orang luar ambil kesempatan atas hal hal macam ni. porak peranda la semuanya.

p/s: insaf kejap. orang dok care pasal negara, saya dok care pasal hati. ini kita namakan pentingkan diri. astaghfirullah... jangan tiru ye adik adik. insyaAllah, kuat! Allah maha Adil. Kalau kita rasa tidak diadili dengan cara betul, Allah akan tegakkan keadilan. (nak tefon kak Teh la! rindu adik <3)

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Book Review: Matilda


Okay, lepas entry mengarut kat bawah ni, ayuh kita berilmiah pula.

I read this book a long time ago. I read it more than 10 times coz it is fascinating.

It is about a little girl named Matilda. She is a gifted person. She can read books starting from the age of 3 years old. However, her family is not a supportive family. They do not even care about Matilda. Matilda starts schooling quite late. But, it is not a problem to her. That is when she meets Miss Honey. Miss Honey has a unique history. Matilda likes her. After that one after another interesting events occur in her life.

This book has also been filmed. I don't really like the film. It does not precisely shoot according to the book. The little girl in the film does not match the one in my imagination too. I imagined her cuter than that.:)

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Travel Guide: One of the Wonders in United Kingdom

Assalamualaikum people and good evening..

Fresh update after the Stonehenge Trip. Today was very exhausting. We spent one whole day in Salisbury. We departed from Marjon at 8.10 am to catch the 8.53 train to Westbury-> Salisbury. Unfortunately, two of our friends left their rail cards at home. We thought of going back but then thinking of  the train which supposed to depart in 30 minutes time, we decided to try our luck.

When the conductor asked for the tickets and rail cards, our friends honestly told him that they forgot to bring it with them. However, the conductor seemed to suspect us because there were two of us who did not have the cards. I was very upset with his words and tried to convince him.

"Im sorry, are you trying to accuse us of being a liar and try to take advantage of the situation. It's our fault but we've paid the fine and we've appologised. Well sir, if I were to bring this case to the court, I'm sure you will be sentenced a great penalty for your offensive accusation!"

But then, that lines only echoed in my tense mind and burning heart. Heee~ Our Deen taught us to be polite. So I said:

"They really forgot to bring with them. It's their first time. We couldn't go back to get it because it takes time."

You know (with his reddened ears and flared eyes) he refused to accept our words. SABO JE LAAAAA :)

We arrived at Salisbury train station at 11. 46 am and paid for the Stonehenge Tour Bus.
This is your admission ticket to Stonehenge and Old Sarum.

Don't lose this ticket. This is your bus ticket (valid for one whole day)

While touring there was an audio recorded guide about the place played on the bus. At least, we weren't blurred..:p

Salisbury is a beautiful town. You can see flowers everywhere. It is like a romeo and juliet town.:)

It was about 30 minutes ride. There! We could see the stones from the double decker bus.

You get an audio set for free that will explain about the history of the Stonehenge.
At each checkpoint, you need to press the number  (audio set) according to the checkpoint numbers.

After 5000 years, these are the only stones that left.

"Henge" means hanging. So class, what does Stonehenge mean? HANGING STONES!! Goooodddd..
There are so many conclusion made by archeologist about these stones. It is said that it is used as a purpose of communication, ritual, and astonomical purpose.
 (what I was saying to myself was "betul ke dorang ni. Entah entah saje reka cite nak bagi jadi tourist spot".=.= Negatif betul pemikiran.hehe)

The stone was actually from somewhere else. It was actually from a place which is 1.2 mile from the current spot.

A mural of the actual landscape.

Then, we hopped on the bus and went to Old Sarum. You can choose whether to continue the journey to the city or stop at Old Sarum and catched the next bus. Since, we paid 15 pounds for the tour, let's make it really worth it.

The place was really hidden. We followed a narrow path and also hiked the hill to reach the Old Sarum Castle. (but it was near actually.hehe)

As it was pictured, the castle was situated in the middle of the earth work. It wasn't actually a complete castle. Just the remaining of its structure. But the place was really relaxing and the scenery was spectacular!

The circle is a well.

it is also a place of gossip for the servants in the past. funny!
Look! the servant in the Merchant of Venice is gossiping with Solanio!

The site of the old Cathedral.

Then, we catched the bus to the city centre. It was already 3.30 pm by the time we reached the city. Don't worry, there are halal foods for muslims to have lunch.:) Quality Kebab House is good too. Then, we walked to the Cathedral. It was huge. The spire is the tallest one in the land. It is also said that the spire slightly inclines towards the west because of its weak structure.

3 budak x betul hahaha..

The front view

Lepas tu, boleh pulak kan berbual pasal kenangan time foundation years, pasal assignments depan cathedral tu. :p

On the way back to the train station, we went to a beautiful garden.


We bumped into our friends (who visited Bath) in Westbury. Then we travelled back together to Plymouth.

Oh, I got this as a memoryand my keychain collection.

And the most notable things that I learned today.

1. Perancangan Allah lebih sempurna. (yesterday, I checked the weather forecast. It was predicted that it would be a heavy rainy day today. But, our journey was lightly shined by the sun and it was a smooth journey.

2. Trip yang simple akan jadi sangat menyeronokkan jika kita pergi dengan hati yang tenang dan orang yang kita selesa bersama. it will be so memorable with all the laughs. (kami gelak je sepanjang journey tu. sangat enjoy dengan cerita masing masing)

p/s: we spent only 50.96 pounds for this enjoyable trip!