Monday, November 8, 2010

does not need 'years' to miss


hokeh. I ve been typing and deleting for the past 15 minutes. dunt know what to write first. but one thing for sure, i miss my sister already.

am I mad???? pfffttt...
Ive never missed her like hell like i do now. well, before,  it took at least weeks to miss her.
no need days no need weeks no need years. just need a couple of second while watching her train off to Sheffield.
 These three days were my greatest day in UK. :)

If Rasulullah was the one who came to visit me. i wonder what would i feel now?

i think i'll go crazy missing him.:)

Maybe that's how the 'sahabat' felt when Rasulullah passed away. or even more maybe?

I miss you Rasulullah