Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Ramadhan Spirit

hye! Assalamualaikum everybody.
haaaa...for this two weeks you gonna have a non -stop update of my blog.haha.^ ^
happy?? (thank youuu..huhuk)

This morning i woke up at 6.15 a.m.Poor granny. she could not have her sahur.:-(
 Well then, you must know the nature of old folks. sometimes, they are like children. Wants people to pamper them and fulfill their every wish.
Now you know how you acted back then during childhood. ^_^ ;p

I wanted to recall the spirit of ramadhan among my folk villagers back in 1998-2000 (as far as i remember)
Maybe some of you also experience the same.

Before this, my neighbours liked to visit houses. They chatted, exchanged stories (about husband, children, recepies)
During Ramadhan we loved to exchange dishes. Kak Dah gave us Kuih Mulu. Kak Pah gave us Gula Tempoyak and we would give gulai ayam or Kerang Rebus

However, I rarely see these now. Yesterday, I cooked Ikan Gulai Kuning for berbuka and there was some extra.
sekadar hiasan
So, I scooped some to be given to Abe Nik Mat (opposite to my house). On last Monday, I gave a bowl of Gulai Daging since there were extra.

sekadar hiasan

I wondered whether the spirit of exhanging dish has vanished..:??

and last night, K' Ana, Abe Nik Mat's wife, gave us langsat. 3 bowls of langsat (to give back our bowls)
my sis laughed at top of her lungs ( I wondered why)

Then, she sat in front of my granny presenting those bowls and took one langsat from each bowl and ate them.

She said:
Emmm..sedap daging goreng K'ana...Yang ni...emm..sedap Gulai ayam dia..Fuh!.hahaha

Then , I understood. She felt amused by the way K' Ana's attempt to repay our dishes. So bad of my sis.
But, I know. she was just kidding.:p

Today's Menu are:
Sup Ayam
sekadar hiasan
-saya punya xde kentang. tapi kalau saya letak, mesti ade org suh pos kt dia:)-

Daging paprik
sekadar hiasan

After some times, I realised that cooking is not solely about skill. It's about the ingredients that you put. If you campak bawan putih, bawang merah, lada, garam, perasa, gula, letak air sikit and kangkung. Ia dah jadi kangkung goreng

p/s: each day, i felt very lazy to recite Quran. what is happening to me. :(

Sunday, August 1, 2010

From Top To Toe ^...._

Hye! Assalamualaikum...

I'm in the mood of shopping! but, i dare not to buy blouses, trousers or shirt that i find very pretty because It might not tally with the islamic criterias. hmmm...I am  quite worried to buy them. When i was in KL last week, I was like crazy when i saw pretty and gorgeous clothes hanging at the stall along the streets. It drives me mad! However, I bought one after considering a lot of things. It was a sleeveless blouse. ( wait, don't judge first.)

I bought it because, of course it is pretty (for me at least), it is a loose, simple and not tight blouse. It is a sleeveless blouse but i intend to wear it with a black cardigan. which will cover the exposed part.

So, today i'm still in the mood to talk about fashion and clothes. As a muslimah, it is very important for me to cover my aurah. Aurah is a very broad subject. It does not only cover the need of wearing 'jilbab' but also to make girls look less appealing to men (ok, is my language correct?) As we can see, there were many rape cases reported in the news (it scares me to death). Although it is hard to admit but girls have to admit that these phenomena happen because of the lack of attention in covering our aurah. And because of our selfishness, other innocent girls became the victims.

From the top, which is our head, we have to cover our hair, neck, and our chest. In surah Al-Ahzab (59):

"Dan hendaklah mereka menghulurkan kain kerudung ke dada mereka dan janganlah menampakkan perhiasan mereka"

"Perhiasan" can be a lot of things. It can be our dignity, our body or even our jewellry (I am not so good in explainantion. :p, so excuse me). So, our jilbab must cover basically three parts of our top. Our head, our neck and our chest.

Moving on to the body, I found a few hadiths and Quran verses about this.
Our clothes  must not exposed the shape of our body, the colour of our skin and not too attractive.
The jilbab that we put on helps a bit in covering our upper body and it must totally cover our hair-the shapes, the colour and etc. A hadith by Rasulullah S.A.W:

I can see the floor through it!:)

"Dua golongan yang termasuk dari kalangan ahli neraka yang tak pernah aku lihat iaitu yang pertama mereka yang memegang cemeti seperti ekor lembu (bentuk cemeti itu seperti ekor lembu yang berbulu-bulu dan berambut-rambut) dan mereka memukul manusia dengan cemeti tersebut. Yang kedua adalah perempuan memakai pakaian tetapi keadaanya umpama telanjang (ketat), dan perempuan ini berjalan sambil berlenggang lenggok dan sanggol rambutnya (ataupun sekarang ikatan rambutnya) umpama bonggol unta.Dan perempuan yang sebegini keadaanya tidak akan mencium bau syurga. Ketahuilah bau syurga sudah boleh diciumi dari jarak begini dan begini" [Hadith riwayat Muslim no. 2128]

Some women complain that their hair are naturally long and cannot avoid the buns. It is true. There are such cases. But, as a muslimah we must be smart. We need to try to lower the buns and make it less visible. Our complains have shown our ignorance and refusal to fullfill the requirement.

To Toe:
Women overlook this part. Even I do, sometimes, when I am in hurry. My lil sis asked my mom, why I always wear socks when I go out to town or to go somewhere. Because it is clear. Allah said that women can exposed nothing except their hands (is it palm? I'm not sure) and their face.

So, as you can see (read) in my entry, women have many but simple rules to abide. That's why they can have the 'Syurga' and also be in "Neraka" EASILY.

Although we, girls, might complain these and that, but we must remember that our journey in the world is the platform for the hereafter. So, never mind if we have to work extra hard because it is for our benefits then.

“Andaikata kamu benar-benar beriman, maka janganlah kamu lunak-lunakkan suara semasa berbicara. Nantinya orang-orang yang hatinya berpenyakit menjadi tamak. Justeru berbicaralah dengan perbicaraan yang maaruf” [al-Ahzaab 33: 32]

It is for you, you, you, you and me to decide which one we want to follow. Is it worth to put our hereafter's matter at stake for the sake of our lust?

p/s: sorry for the long entry and please comments if my entry offended your feeling:)
have a nice day!