Monday, May 23, 2016

Experimenting With New Lifestyle

Hi people,

It's been awhile. I've been thinking quite often these past few weeks especially when I look at my bloated figure everyday in the mirror. I think I've got to change my lifestyle.

First, I have to admit. It has been an on and off process. I had started and achieved quite an astounding result in November 2015 where I lose almost 9 kg in 3 weeks. But then, I gained the same amount of weight that I had lost because.. well.. temptation.

So, I want to begin again. I hope this will last till I achieve my goal. 48 kg. But, I'll aim for 56kg first. I weighed myself and I am 61kg. (yeah, I know.)

My first step is:
1. Download freeletic apps from google apps store.
2. Begin my first exercise.
3. Limit my carbs intake.

I have finished with:
10 x 25 x 10 of each exercise (repeat 3 times)

45 burpees

45 climbers

45 jumping

50 squats

25 jumping jacks

300 rope skipping

I am not going to lie. It was a hell! I was totally out of breath at my 10th climbers and my legs were shaking like a lady with Parkinson disease (no offence, but you get what I mean right?)

I'll try to document everyday... depending on the internet connection. See ya. May perseverance stay with me. Yosh!

Friday, May 9, 2014



4 months ago, I wrote a recap of what happened in 2013 and then... hiatus.
Just like my diary.

Well, shall we start the 2nd entry for 2014?

Last time, I spoke about practicum. Alhamdulillah, it is over. I even got "highly competent" for one of the observations that I had with my cooperating teacher. Alhamdulillah.

4 months ago, I thought I couldn't survive the practicum phase. Just thinking about it made me feel exhausted. The tense, the works, the social contract etc.

Of course, there were a lot of not so fun stuff. But, the fun part really wiped away the unpleasant memories.
I still remember the last day I was at the school, my 2 Dedikasi students asked me to stay. I wish I could. But, no. My 'student' journey hasn't met its end. It's about too, though. 2 weeks time.

Dear students,

Just want you to know. I am honoured to be your teacher. Knowing all of you was really something. Teaching you taught me a lot of things. I'm sorry if I ever hurt your feeling and please know that I forgave yours.

Till we meet again someday. InsyaALlah. Study hard and achieve success coz you know you can!

Teacher Nik

Friday, January 17, 2014


2013 started with a feeling of nervous, uncertainty and despair.
Allah is the most Gracious coz the years miraculously  ended with happy ending that opens up a totally new beginning.

Let's recap, shall we.

January: Busy with the dissertation
February: Still busy with the dissertation
March: Alhamdulillah. sent the dissertation. done. never want to look at again.
April: Paris? I think
May: Back to Malaysia (I was overjoyed). and oh, sister's wedding
June: Back to IPG=.=
July: Ramadhan
August: Raya Puasa! Met Zul
September: Getting to know Zul
October: Engaged to Zul
November: Married Zul
December: Continuing the legacy

Yeah, 2013 was really an expected year towards the end. Never had I imagined I would be someone's wife. Seriously, I joked, whined, begged a lot about marriage. but I never really thought I would be marrying someone so soon. like 23..

2014. Practicum!!!! I just hope it will end good. like real good!